Nicolas Cinquini ~> Daily pictures : the Ukrainian army is slaughtering the deserters

Nicolas Cinquini

the Ukrainian propaganda broadcasts images of killing, in order to deter forced conscripts from surrender

(Enhanced screenshots)

A tragic video surfaces on March 11, 2023. Four individuals are moving away from the vantage point, one is bearing a white flag. A machine gun starts to fire. The fugitives run but fall one after the other.

I have downloaded the file, which has been created at 2023-03-11T13:27:23.000000Z, 1:27 pm UT or 3:27 pm in Ukraine, the date of its post on a Telegram channel.

The Ukrainian comment means

Daughter The beginning of March 2023. The mobilized juveniles decided to surrender to the Katsapas [Russians, derogatory]. It didn’t fart, it didn’t grow

News of ZSU [Armed Forces of Ukraine] was created on November 16, 2020, gathers 4,799 subscribers

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Every observer knows that the war in Donbass and Ukraine, especially around Bakhmut, is a carnage for the Atlanticist forces…

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