MUSIC ~> Neil Ardley ‎– Harmony Of The Spheres (1979)

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GREETINGS! Welcome to this ongoing collection of anti-establishment, anti-totalitarian, anti-authoritarian articles, studies, and opinions that run counter to orthodox narratives…

…and expose the national and global crisis of leadership that is integral to our current public health and military industrial congressional complex feeding frenzies that are being used to condition people to abide, abide, abide, even tho they know not to what they are abiding. In this era of outright lies, propaganda and corporate, feed the rich information warfare, facts, media, truth, even science have been captured by a comparatively tiny class of uber-wealthy, all-for-profit-and-power, feudal overlords.

Unorthodox Truth does NOT seek to provide a balanced look at national and world trends and events. Mainstream Media offers its biased control of prescribed information / narrative(s) that are protected from access to truth by an historically profound control of information. UT and many other outlets which you can find here are the New Resistance to the COLLAPSE allowed and intended to provide security from the threat of we lessers. Fascism and/or Communism makes no difference.

Totalitarianism, in which the wealthy powermongers make the decisions for the rest of us, is THE primary threat to our children’s and their children’s futures.

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The Duran | Alex Christoforou ~> $2.1B to Ukraine, long-range HIMARS. Elensky, no retreat. Balloon cancels China trip. U/2

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RT | Rachel Marsden ~> On Covid-19 and beyond, Western democracies are deploying military-grade propaganda to fight dissent

New revelations show how the UK and Canada used army psyops units to target ‘disinformation’

February 3, 2023 READ

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RT ~> US Gov’t should get ‘filthy hands’ off Türkiye – minister

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu accused Washington of working to hurt his country amid a consulate closure row

February 3, 2023 READ

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A Semaphore ~> La décroissance appliquée et sobriété volontaire

A Semaphore

La décroissance a gagné en popularité depuis l’été dernier où les feux et les hautes températures nous ont rappelé que le changement climatique est déjà là. Ce terme regroupe une réalité qui va au-delà de réduire la croissance.

ASemaphore, climate action, learning, research, climate change, sustainable development

La décroissance questionne la mesure de performance de notre monde via le taux de croissance et demande de mettre un cadre à la productivité dans les limites planétaires, ce qui implique de ne pas chercher à tout prix à croître économiquement voire de réduire. Au-delà de “simplement” réduire, ce concept remet en cause l’idée selon laquelle la croissance est la solution à tous les problèmes sociaux et écologiques. En effet, il a été démontré que la hausse du PIB ne s’accompagne pas automatiquement d’une augmentation du bien-être. De plus, pour se soutenir, notre système capitaliste basé sur la croissance doit croître infiniment, ce qui n’est scientifiquement pas possible dans une planète…

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AcTVism ~> The Financial Coup d’etat Explained w/ Catherine Austin Fitts

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uTobian ~> The FDA “major shift” = an annual cull of seniors, kids, and the disabled

Toby Rogers Jan 25, 2023 READ

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Uncensored ~> Covid Vaccine Victim Awareness March in London: Portland Place to Parliament

On 21st January 2023 thousands of people took to the streets in honour of the vaccine injured and bereaved.

Frances Leader February 3, 2023 WATCH

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Geoengineering Watch ~> Aluminum Snow Lab Test Confirmed


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Ms Cat’s Chronicles ~> Support for Peru coup all about Canadian mining companies

Ms. Cat’s Chronicles

Seven weeks after Pedro Castillo was ousted protests and blockades continue across Peru. Sixty protesters have been killed since the elected president was ousted, a move Canada immediately endorsed.

Support for Peru coup all about Canadian mining companies

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REMIX | John Cody ~> PM Orbán: Sending European tanks to Ukraine is a very bad idea

“Now, we’re at battle tanks, and they’re already talking about planes”

February 02, 2023 editor: REMIX NEWS author: JOHN CODY

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