Lori Spencer ~> What was OPERATION UNTHINKABLE?

Lori Spencer


Probably not because it was classified for nearly 60 years.

In April 1945 Churchill decided — BEFORE #WWII was over — that the Allies should team up with the #Nazis, invade the #SovietUnion AGAIN and NUKE #Russia!

‘Operation Unthinkable’ – The National Archives


It sounds too crazy to be true, but it is.

British PM Winston Churchill instructed his Joint Military Staff to draft an invasion plan of Russia using British, German, and American troops. (He hadn’t told the Americans about this yet, or most of his own military staff.)

Imagine how this strategic meeting went: “Yes, splendid. We shall invade the country who just saved our arses from the Nazis! Let’s convince the Americans to drop that new nuclear bomb on the Russians! I mean, they have to try it out somewhere, let’s nuke a few Soviet cities!”

No one dared tell…

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