Ms. Cat’s Chronicles ~> The US is heavily reliant on China and Russia for its ammo supply chain. Congress wants to fix that.

Further highights how tunnel-visioned and inept is the US Govt at all levels, especially when it comes to big picture. Additional support for the theory that government types with any kind of policy-level repsonsibility are required to be serial liars and sociopaths in order to perform their duties at the level required to sufficiently populate the cocktail circuit.

Ms. Cat’s Chronicles

The US is heavily reliant on China and Russia for its ammo supply chain. Congress wants to fix that.


Antimony is a critical mineral commodity for advanced technological uses and the U.S. imports over 70% of antimony consumed domestically. Most of our imported antimony comes from China, which is beginning to reduce its production. Understanding of the origin of this deposit, the largest known antimony deposit in the U.S., would aid in future exploration for undiscovered deposits of this type, both domestically and internationally.

[2018] Source – US Geological Survey

Congress has repeatedly authorized multimillion-dollar sell-offs of the U.S. strategic minerals stockpile over the past several decades, but Washington’s increased anxiety over Chinese domination of resources critical to the defense industrial base has prompted lawmakers to reverse course and shore up the reserve.

The stockpile was valued at nearly $42 billion in today’s dollars at…

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