We’re now going through a phase of the Great Corporatist Mind Control Experiment when masks, vaccines, tests and other illegal requirements are being lifted or pared down and people are beginning to relax and believe the worst is over. As we have said before, the worst is yet to come: more fake pandemics, more egregious bills such as SB1479, SB 866, SB 1419, AB 1797, AB 2098 in the California legislature and similar bills in other states, worldwide tracking of our medical and financial records, digital dollars controlled by the Federal Reserve, the WHO pandemic treaty that gives a handful of people power over every country in the world, and the ultimate wet dream of the globalists – transhumanism and permanent riddance of “useless eaters.” Unless health freedom fighters get on the same page and agree on who and what we are fighting, the battle for democracy will be that much more difficult.


Many doctors, scientists, laymen, and lawyers who head up anti mandate groups still believe that the Covid virus exists and that there was and is a pandemic. For example, in their emails they mention ivermectin as something that can heal Covid. They talk about how states and countries like Florida and Sweden that locked down only briefly have less incidences of Covid. They talk about cases of Covid going up or down. They also talk about the Covid vaccines as being “experimental” as if vaccines that haven’t been tested on animals for several years isn’t as safe as those that have.

Many health freedom advocates believe that the virus “escaped” from a lab, which is a theory that Fauci and pharma love because as Dr. Tom Cowan says, “The bad guys are smarter than them (the anti-vaccine activists) and suckered them into promoting ‘Oh my god, there is a deadly engineered virus!’  It keeps the virus story going and scares people even worse. They (pharma) are masters in chess, most people are either playing checkers or don’t even know there is a game.”  The bio-engineered virus that “escaped from a lab” theory is one more effective pharma propaganda tool that we all need to understand is B.S. and dismiss.

In Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s article about the invalidity of the Covid virus he and his colleagues explain the only scientific method of isolating a virus. But it hasn’t been done for decades.     Why, you may ask? Because if you can say you’ve isolated a virus using fraudulent science, why not do it since the public so easily believes in lies? Stand back! Here comes another pandemic!  However, the final part of the isolation process as described by Dr. Kaufman and others is one we take issue with, which is testing the result on animals to see if it makes them sick. Testing on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans so we will learn nothing from that. Non animal tests exist that will give scientific results relevant to humans.

In the video link below, Dr. Kaufman point by point refutes the assertions of Jeremy Hammond and the belief in the existence of the Covid virus by Dr. Joseph Mercola and others.   After watching the video it becomes obvious that the Covid virus has never been scientifically isolated and in reality, does not exist. You have to wonder why doctors like Mercola refuse to listen to the common sense and extremely easy to understand explanations of Dr. Kaufman and others.

The truth is, many of the health freedom doctors and leaders also believe in the scientific fraud of vivisection and are constantly referring to “animal studies” to prove a point, even while pushing natural health therapies. To add insult to injury, these same doctors and leaders are terrified to say they are anti vaccine and are constantly dreaming about and espousing a nonexistent “green vaccine” and a “safe vaccine” as if there will ever be such a thing.  They know that the vaccine court has paid out over $4.5 billion in damages to vaccine victims since Congress passed a bill in 1986 that absolved vaccine/drug companies from all liability for injury and death caused by their vaccines. Obviously, vaccines have been killing and harming people long before the Covid jabs came along.

After decades of inventing one phony flu/pandemic after another it stands to reason that Fauci, pharma, the CDC, FDA, and WHO will come up with more of the same. They own the media now. They can make the public believe in anything, and once again incite fear of a germ that doesn’t exist. This will engender more vaccine sales, more huge profits, more lockdowns, and more control.


Wouldn’t it be great if doctors like Mercola, Frontline Doctors, and all the famous health freedom leaders could do some sort of self-assessment and come to the conclusion that they have been wrong all along about vaccines and the existence of Covid? These people already are being called every name in the book by pharma, google, and mainstream media – “notorious,” “liars,” “spreaders of misinformation,” “disgrace,” and more. Why not go all the way and just admit the truth so all of us can stand together against the evildoers? What would it hurt? What does hurt is health freedom leaders insisting that the Covid virus and the pandemic are real.

If we all stand together as a united front and overwhelm the public with the facts about the nonexistence of Covid and all of the other phony pandemics – bird flu, swine flu, SARS, Zika, Ebola, etc., any of the new fake pandemics they intend to throw at us would have much less impact on the public. Kind of like before when pharma didn’t own the media, and we had real journalists debunking the fakery, and the public pretty much ignored warnings that these pandemics were going to kill everyone on the entire planet. If people understand that the germs do not exist, they cannot be fear mongered, and pharma and the corporatists lose their hold on us. And we win!

So please, let’s all encourage our friends in the health freedom movement who persist in believing in Covid and vaccines to search for the truth and find it. It is readily available. Call them, email them, and tell them to get on the truth-telling bandwagon. The lies are deeply ingrained, especially if you are a doctor and have been programed to believe in drugs and vaccines by the pharmaceutical companies that sponsor medical schools. Ridding oneself of that kind of brainwashing is difficult. We suggest these doctors and scientists take long hikes in the mountains, long walks with their dogs, meditate, pray, lose their pride, shake off their arrogance, and take a trip back to their childhood where they will find their common sense that was alive and well before it was assailed on all sides by the lies of pharma.

Health freedom leaders need to do the same. They were not brainwashed in medical schools by pharma, but many of the advisors who surround them were. These esteemed leaders are just as impressed by doctor titles and white lab coats as anybody else. If their scientist, doctor, and even vivisector friends tell them vaccines can be safe and Covid exists, then that’s what they’ll believe.  The great thing is, if you have a famous name and a modicum of prestige, you will have no problem reaching Dr. Andrew Kaufman and talking to him in person. That should do the trick. If he can’t convince you that Covid doesn’t exist, then no one can.

The new, terrifying, fake pandemic is around the corner. If everyone knows the truth, it can’t touch us.  Let’s get on the same page everybody and we become unassailable!

For more information on the nonexistence of Covid, and enlightenment regarding the germ theory invented by Louis Pasteur, the Anthony Fauci of his time, we suggest downloading the movie Terrain which is available online. Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan and others explain it all for you and our good friend Peggy Hall is in the cast as well.

To read more about the germ theory versus the terrain theory, here is a link  that will connect you to a newsletter on our webpage where you can read about how the whole germ debacle began and why it is the root cause of the fake pandemics and the destruction wreaked on all of us by the pharmaceutical industry. 


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A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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