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the gaslights have become the headlights

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we’ve reached the point where ill outcome after ill outcome is being front run by bobble head talking points to attempt to ascribe them to some scapegoat. you could tell the inflation number was going to be a doozie by how hard the news agencies spun the “iT wUz THe RuSSians” narratives leading up to its release. “it’s normal for college athletes to drop from heart failure on the field” was the foreshadowing of the myo and pericarditis surges.

and now, we’re seeing a huge push in claims of “long covid is everywhere and almost everyone gets or will get it!” that sure looks to me like the setup to try to hide what is about to be a massive sandal in long term mRNA jab injuries.

and, astonishingly, it’s working, because clearly a much larger portion of humans than i ever would have believed can be induced not only to ignore any fact, no matter how glaring, but to be inculcated to outright thank those who just took their wallet at gunpoint for stopping them being robbed and them demanding that everyone else line up to get robbed too. for their own protection.

“oh come now, clearly that’s an exaggeration!”


“is that so?”

because it sure looks to me like you can not only mesmerize large swathes of the population into not only believing in the absurdity of the massive prevalence of a largely illusory condition like long covid, but to actually ascribe the long term side effects of a vaccine to it and to keep taking boosters because “it would have been worse!”

does the example above really still seem far fetched?


but what’s more interesting to me is that this intense push likely has strong predictive value.

this gang of talking point technocrats is getting data we are not. and they have been using it to front run emerging issues for ages. they think they are being clever, but they are, in fact, shining a spotlight on their own misdeeds once one learns to read them properly. these are novice criminals staring right at the floorboards beneath which they buried body after body. each new initiative of propagandistic spin is the roadmap to the last round of crimes.

their gaslights have become the headlights by which we may see what is coming.

and “20% of people with covid get long covid and soon we will all have it” is a helluva gaslight if there is nothing to hide. and it’s all but completely made up. long covid is not really a thing to any degree exceeding long flu or long pneumonia.

bad cattitude

is “long covid” mostly a mental disease?

surprising basically no one who has actually been paying attention, this french study seems to demonstrate that “long covid” is not, in fact, predominantly caused by covid. they start with a simple pr…Read more5 months ago · 164 likes · 118 comments · el gato malo

in fact, the symptoms of “long covid” (apart from loss of smell/taste which does seem to be more of an issue) among those who are covid antibody seropositive cannot be separated from “none” in metastudies and, even more damningly, are best predicted by belief in having had covid, not actually having had it. such syndrome as exists looks largely psychosomatic and/or the attribution of generalized symptoms like fatigue, mental fog, or digestive issues way from other mostly made up maladies/trashcan diagnoses of exclusion like fibromyalgia and IBS and into the new thing.

amusingly, healthfeedback tried to “fact check” me here. predictably, they jousted with straw men and failed to address the actual issue. (but go read their case and judge for yourselves)

the simple fact is this: there are no serious, credible studies showing that “long covid” is a meaningful syndrome in excess of the typical “long any respiratory disease” issues common in flu and pneumonia. this is not some new or unique outcome.

and, indeed, were 20% of those who had had covid getting long covid, we’d probably have 30-50 million cases in the US alone. that would be like an air horn in study hall. nobody could possibly miss it. we’d all know dozens of people so suffering, probably more. so these ratios and claims are clearly pretty fanciful.

i’m just seeing no real science here outside of political science.

it is not based in data.

i suspect it’s based in exigent needs for posterior covering.

call me mr cynical paws, but this sure does seem like an ideal talking point to hide vaccine injuries, vaccines induced immuno-damage, and vaccines driven antigenic fixation leading to chronic inability to generate immunity to covid.

it’s perfect. suspiciously so.

blame the disease not the pharma. you not only shift culprit, but you keep demand high and keep the lawsuits at bay.

but the data just keeps coming. deaths reported to VAERS jumped 52X in 2021 vs 2020 and are on pace to put up a similar number in 2022. this is, astonishingly, being completely ignored and misascribed and passed off as “invalid.”

this is a sort of dirty trick you can always play with probabilistic data. sure, that looks like a gunshot to the head, but can we REALLY tell that the bullet killed you and that you were not about to die from black magic anyway? no. because you cannot prove a negative.

but where it starts to get A LOT harder to ignore the ill effects is when you start to zero in on the actual causal pathways. this takes us from “is associated with” to “here’s the path by which the outcome was created.”

knowing the method of action is a big step in terms of understanding cause and effect.

there has been quite a lot of new data here in recent weeks.

over the next couple days, i’m going to start sharing some and my sense of its quality and implications.

it’s highly technical, so this is going to take a bit of time to absorb and also to translate into “non-bio-dork,” but it looks to me like the actual functional pathways for both vaccine harm and immune function divergence among the vaxxed are starting to emerge from the fog.

and that’s going to really change things.

which may well be why the talking point powers that be are so desirous of pushing another explanation more in keeping with their conflicts of interest.

but their interests seem ill aligned with ours, so another take would seem warranted.

so, bear with me as this is going to take a moment.

but i think it’s going to be well worth it.

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