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Despite some signals that COVID mandates are waning, vaccine and mask requirements persist  in many schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations across the country.

What’s happening in California is of special concern. It is true that cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles no longer require people to show a vaccine card to get into restaurants, bars, and gyms. But while Californians were at the bar sipping their Sierra Nevada brews and watching Golden State Warriors basketball, the state legislature was busy drafting some of the most draconian vaccine mandates in the country. If these bills become law in the next few weeks, this would set a bad precedent for the rest of the nation.

For example, AB 1993 if passed will mandate that everyone who works in the state — whether as an independent contractor working from home or as an employee at the office — must show proof of COVID vaccination. The State will have the power to determine how many additional booster shots means “fully vaccinated” at any given time, and employers who fail to enforce the mandate will face stiff fines. (Under pressure the authors tabled the bill this week but it’s not dead.) Another of the bills, SB 866 will allow children as young as 12 to be vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  Senate Bill 871 would mandate that all children in California receive COVID vaccines to attend public or private school, starting from preschool. (Never mind that there is currently not even an EUA COVID vaccine for children under 5 years old, and no approved and licensed COVID vaccine is available for any age person in this country.)

You can learn more about the California bills and how to fight them by visiting the Unity Project website. (My readers may know that I am Chief Medical & Regulatory Officer for the Unity Project based in California.)

Even outside of California, COVID vaccine mandates are still a major concern, along with restrictions on doctors who treat COVID, censorship by Big Tech, unnecessary COVID-19 vaccination of children, silencing of scientific debate, Department of Defense COVID mandates, denial of natural immunity, and the recent extension of the federal Emergency Powers Act beyond March 1st. Each of these trends and policies represents a significant infringement on our basic liberties. Other blue states are watching California, if these bills pass there – other state will follow.

It’s time to join together and tell our leaders and the world that we will not comply!


Defeat the Mandates had a powerful and peaceful rally in DC last January and is now coming to the heart of Los Angeles in California. On Sunday, April 10th the all-day event begins at 12 noon in Grand Park. A wide range of featured guests including prominent doctors, actors, journalists and premier thought leaders will give a series of inspiring talks. There will be live musical performances, food, and best of all a huge community of people from every party, race, religion and background, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, who all want to Defeat the Mandates and restore our basic freedoms.

Sign up at


* Del Bigtree – CEO of Informed Consent Action Network (iCAN) and Host of The HighWire show

* Dr. Robert Malone – Inventor of mRNA vaccine technology and Chief Medical & Regulatory Officer of The Unity Project.

* Dr. Aaron Kheriaty – Professor of medical ethics and clinical psychiatrist fired under UC Irvine vaccine mandate

* Dr. Bob Sears – Renowned California Pediatrician and author

* Dr. Ryan Cole – Board-Certified Pathologist trained at the Mayo Clini, and a CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics

* Tara Thornton & Denise Aguilar – Co-Founders of Freedom Angels fighting bad vaccine legislation in the State of California

* Brian Brase – Leader of the People’s Convoy of U.S. truckers standing up for medical freedom

* Dr. Christina Parks – PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology

* Rizza Islam – Author, International speaker, and Minister of Islam

* Kevin Jenkins – CEO of Urban Global Health Alliance

* Senator Brian Dahle – California State Senator (R) taking action against COVID mandates

* Amy Bohn – CEO of PERK (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids)

* Dr. Shannon Kroner – Exec. Director, Freedom Of Religion – United Solutions

* Max Blumenthal – Journalist and Editor of The

* Tramell Thompson – Founder of Progressive Action & New York City’s Transit & Labor leader

* Marcus Thornton – Founder of Feds for Medical Freedom, 6,000-strong organization of federal employees and contractors

* Captain Sherry Walker & Danielle Runyan – Airline Employees for Health Freedom

* Kimberly Overton – Founder of Nurse Freedom Network

* Tyler Fischer – Comedian Activist

* Dr. Pierre Kory – Leading COVID-19 physician, critical care physician & pulmonary specialist, and Co-Founder of Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani &  Dr. Richard Urso – Founders, Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

* Brian Hooker, Stephanie Loccrichio, and Kari Bundy – Children’s Health Defense

* Jimmy Dore – Comedian Activist and Host of the Jimmy Dore Show

* First Responders – John Knox & Josh Sattley (LA Fire Fighters for Freedom) and Michael McMahon (RollCall4Freedom)

* Alix Meyer & Denise Young – Children’s Health Defense

* Lt. Col. Dr. Teresa Long – Army Flight Surgeon and Whistleblower

* Kim Iversen – Host of the Kim Iversen Show

* Rabbi Michael Barclay – Spiritual leader & Author

* Pastor Rob McCoy – Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Southern California

* Mikki Willis – Filmmaker, “Plandemic” documentary series

* Dr. Ben Tapper – Wellness leader and prominent chiropractic doctor

* Naomi Wolf – Progressive feminist author and journalist

* Lucia Sinatra – Co-Founder with Joni McGary of No College Mandates

* Cara Castronuevo – Newsmax Reporter, Champion Boxer and boxing announcer

* Dicky Barrett – Musician, former Announcer at Jimmy Kimmel Live fired for refusing to get vaccinated

* Craig Pasta Jardula – Co-host of “The Convo Couch”

* Lara Logan – Journalist and former “60 Minutes” correspondent

* Dr. Lynn Fynn – Viroloy & Infectious Diseases specialist, America’s Frontline Doctors

* Dr. Jessica Rose –  Immunologist and molecular biologist specializing in computational biology and the bio-mechanisms behind pathogenic infections


High-Rez & Jimmy Levy, Joseph Arthur, Five Times August, Sonic Universe, Grant Ellman, and  DJ PachaKroma (Gabriel Valda).

Partners for this event:

Unity ProjectChildren’s Health DefenseFront-line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance FLCCCVaccine Safety Research FoundationICANWorld Council for Health and PERK.

I hope you will join me there and if you cannot attend, please consider donating here.

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