Homeless Wind

Posted on April 3, 2021 by michael burgwin

From neglected dreams sweep chilling winds

through the souls of those who claim our edge

they camp like bridge trolls disappearing

into impotent night


with so much light

symphony by exhaust pipe

sound bites

requiem of dust the choir

for prayers seek overhanging claim

ward against the rain

and earth’s cold tenacious grip

full belly

bag of smoke

and bottle of gin

enough blankets to still love’s fickle touch

a life that does not require awakening.

Just before the dawn they rise

from shadows of entranced reprieve

emerging out of blankets and bags

they exact their toll upon the passing.

The Dream

Posted on April 3, 2021 by michael burgwin

the purpose of the dream

the big dream that is

the metaphorical projection that we call reality is

to construct the curious question

that is

the elucidating answer

design the dark mysterious maze

that is

the enlightening map

assemble the idiosyncratic lock

that is

the enigmatic key

the dream