Desultory Heroics ~> Hunger Profiteers, Granny Killers, and Skin-Deep Morality

Desultory Heroics

By Colin Todhunter

Source: Dissident Voice

Today,a fifth (278 million) of the African populationare undernourished, and 55 million of that continent’s children under the age of five are stunted due to severe malnutrition.

In 2021, an Oxfam review ofIMF COVID-19 loans showed that 33 African countries were encouraged to pursue austerity policies.Oxfam and Development Finance International also revealed that 43 out of 55 African Union member states face public expenditure cuts totalling $183 billion over the next few years.

As a result, almost three-quarters of Africa’s governments have reduced their agricultural budgets since 2019, and more than 20 million people have been pushed into severe hunger. In addition, the world’s poorest countries were due to pay $43 billion in debt repayments in 2022, which could otherwise cover the costs of their food imports.

Last year, Oxfam International Executive Director Gabriela Bucher stated that there was aterrifying prospect

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