Nick Pineault ~> “Once dirty electricity is reduced, people’s health improves…”

May 3. 2023

More than 15 years ago, Dr. Magda Havas, a scientist who works at Trent University in Canada, warned that “dirty electricity” (DE) is a new “ubiquitous pollutant” which deserves to be studied more closely. (1)

Her study presented several anecdotal reports and case studies where people who reduced their exposure to dirty electricity – sometimes by using dirty electricity filters – saw positive changes in their everyday symptoms.

Dr. Havas explains:

“Once dirty electricity is reduced, people’s health improves. For some it is
reflected in more normal blood sugar levels, for others symptoms of MS are reduced, and for still others tinnitus disappears and behavior resembling ADD/ADHD improves. Since dirty electricity is becoming ubiquitous, large fractions of the population are being exposed to this pollutant and some are being adversely affected.” [emphasis mine]

“Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ADD/ADHD, asthma, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia are all increasing in the population and the reasons for this increase are poorly understood. Dirty electricity may be one of the contributors to these illnesses.”

We do need more research. We do not know for sure, even to this day, how much DE is contributing to the above illnesses. And the reality is that there is very little on-going research specifically on DE… most of the EMF studies are focused on cell phones, cell towers, Wifi and other sources of wireless radiation.

But the question is, as always, what should we do right now, as a preventative measure, while we “wait for more research to come out”?

You can choose to do nothing, and wait. That’s perfectly valid, and is a personal choice.

Others would rather be safe than sorry. I’m one of those people, and have chosen to measure levels of DE in my home (back in Montreal), and to reduce them using plug-in filters from Greenwave.

My decision was based on the very limited scientific evidence we do already have on DE, but also on the fact that:

1) Our current EMF safety guidelines simply do not protect the population against short-term or long-term negative health impacts.

2) Therefore, all we can currently say is that “there is no known ‘safe’ level of man-made EMF exposure.”

3) Independent EMF scientists estimate that anywhere from 3-10% of the population may be hyper-sensitive to EMFs in general. Others like Havas say that 35% of the entire population likely already experiences mild to moderate symptoms. We simply do not know which frequencies are the worst for these people, and DE could be an important (hidden) trigger.

4) The precautionary principle has been ignored so many times in the past and caused immense harm. So…taking action before we reach “scientific certainty”, or “identify causality,” is the smartest way to go.

5) Doctors in environmental medicine and/or who are very aware of electro-hypersensitivity have identified that DE reduction can sometimes help reduce symptoms for people with neurological diseases. The info is not published in journals, and yet, I cannot ignore it.

6) I have personally connected with countless individuals who claim to be electro-hypersensitive, and who also claim that reducing DE has helped them.

Sorry for the long-winded writeup today, but I wanted to give you a deeper perspective about dirty electricity, and why I recommend reducing it even though the scientific evidence on its health impacts is very limited.

In the masterclass I announced earlier this week, Kim O’Neill Lear and I reviewed some of this evidence, and show you exactly how to use DE filters to reduce your levels at home.
The masterclass and the discount that Kim has provided my audience on Greenwave’s dirty electricity meter and filters are both going away in 48 hours. You can still watch it instantly when you enter your info at the link below:


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