Nicolas Cinquini ~> Flash : sad day in Odessa

Nicolas Cinquini

where the Ukrainian recruitment sergeants do not find more cannon fodder, understand that they are about to leave for the meat grinder


Despite Orthodox Easter, which in Ukraine, is crossbred with the local Nazi culture, the inescapable Atlanticist defeat is now obvious

(Screenshot from Poltava)

Even the funny leaks from the US defense apparatus are confirming that Ukraine will not seize back the liberated territories, that NATO proxy war against Russia is lost.

The issue is even more about the fantasy of an arrogant West than Ukrainian Nazism. How did NATO come this far ? Here are few related pieces

Nazism in Ukraine

its roots before WW2, its collaboration with Nazi Germany, its legacy in modern Ukraine, how the West has continually supported the Ukrainian Nazism against Russia

Revolution in Donbass

after the right-wing coup that NATO had sponsored in Kiev, the Russian-speaking Donbass rose up against theā€¦

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