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Weather Modification


WASHINGTON, D.C. 20502 – Letter – December 13, 2005

John H. Marburger, III – Director on Weather Modification (Partial Quote):

1)    Local Political & Legal Ramifications

  • Because small scale weather modification (e.g., cloud seeding) may promote rain in one area to the detriment of another, weather modification could result in inter-state (including Indian Tribes) litigation or private citizen litigation against the modification programs.
  • The legal and liability issues pertaining to weather modification, and the potential adverse consequences on life, property, and water resource availability resulting from weather modification activities, must be considered fully…”

2)    International and Foreign Policy Implications

  • Small and large scale (e.g., hurricane) weather modification efforts could benefit the United States to the detriment of other countries (such as Canada or Mexico).
  • Given global weather patterns, whether one country “owns” its weather so as to assert intra-border control with extra-border consequences, must be considered under present international conventions…”

There are a wide variety of experimental weather modification programs that are ground-based or use small aircraft both in the United States and other countries.  The aviation impacts of persistent jet contrails and the man-made clouds and haze they produce, change our micro-climates, local weather, and worldwide climate. Aviation also exacerbates climate change and global warming along due to a jet engine byproduct of water vapor, a highly potent greenhouse gas and highly toxic jet fuel emissions impacts.  These persistent contrails fall under the broad Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, and Climate Remediation definitions.) To learn more about these programs and how they may cause problems for the agriculture community, ranchers, our watersheds, and our drinking water supplies visit the Weather Modification Section of this website.

Atmospheric & Upper Atmospheric Testing

In addition, there are atmospheric and upper atmospheric testing programs, many in connection with NASA, some universities, and the U.S. military.  Many of these experiments are conducted using various types of atmospheric rocket releases.  Geoengineering (Climate Remediation or Solar Radiation Management Experiments), along with a wide variety of other proposed and experimental Geoengineering schemes, descriptions of which can be found on this website, are now being heavily promoted and funded for future experiments.  

It is alleged that some of the toxic particles used in experimental atmospheric testing programs by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy (like aluminum oxide), in conjunction with NASA, private companies, universities, and wealthy individuals are already showing up in drinking water samples across the United States. It is possible that the high level of aluminum being found in the U.S. and whales, around the world, may come from atmospheric and upper atmospheric testing like the U.S. Navy/NASA CARE (Charged Aerosol Release Experiment), conducted in 2009.

Some of these experimental, ongoing programs, and planned experiments may cause a decline in agriculture crop production, exacerbate declines in tree health, and add toxic chemicals to our air, water supplies, and soils.  Just the use of salt particles to make make clouds whiter and more reflective (one of many funded geoengineering schemes), and the Dead Sea salt used in some Weather Modification Programs in Texas), will cause our fresh water supplies, snow, and soils to become salty. The continued use of salt particles in clouds will make productive crop producing soils unusable for agriculture and change fresh water to salt water.  The results will be long-lasting and will affect trees, birds, mammals, fish, watersheds, pollinators, crop production, and fresh water rivers and streams.

These atmospheric programs and experiments, along with the chemicals used in these programs, may have a negative impact on crop production in the United States.  When combined with genetically modified seeds and herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides the consequences are profound and unlimited due to a lack of public oversight, consent or notification policies. Honey bees and other pollinators are feeling the heavy negative impact of our escalating experiments.  We encourage everyone to learn more about these topics.

Atmospheric and upper atmospheric testing continues without public oversight or consent and with little, if any, public notification.  Now “Global Geoengineering Governance Rules” are being developed to decrease the amount of direct sunlight reaching the Earth (Solar Radiation Management), on a planetary scale.   The use of toxic chemicals and other upper atmospheric particle releases (using gases mixed with water vapor from jet engine combustion to form the right particle size), like sulfur or aluminum oxide (alumina), particulates or gases are being planned without public consent or oversight. (Descriptions of these experiments are listed in the Geoengineering Sections of this website. 

U.S. House Science & Technology Hearings on Geoengineering

There have been three hearings by the U.S. House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee (in conjunction with UK Parliament hearings), since November 5, 2009 (two in 2010). Testimony has only been from those, for the most part, promoting Geoengineering.  The Final U.S. House Science & Technology Report was released on October 27, 2010.  You will find the exact text and testimony online or in the Geoengineering Section in this website.

Agriculture, Biofuels, & Genetically Modified Experiments

More and more agriculture lands are being converted to biofuels leaving less land and less food to feed a growing population. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting using our best agriculture lands for biofuel crops and GM experiments.   With less food being grown food costs are escalating across the United States.  The U.S. is sharply reducing its ability to supply enough food to feed its citizens and is increasingly relying upon food imported from other countries to cover the increasing shortfalls.  In addition, food and pests are arriving here from foreign countries and there are few inspectors who are keeping our food and lands safe from these ever-increasing threats; whether chemical, biological or genetically modified. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has the responsibility to test or foods and to inspect for pests and yet Congress has been undermining this process for years through reductions in staffing, funding, and testing mandates. 


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