Courageous Discourse | Dr Peter McCullough ~> Public Health Obligation to Disclose Cause of Cardiac Arrest and Sudden Death

UT NOTE: There is a concerted effort, aka a conspiracy, by the powers-that-be to blackball leaders in medical science who push back against the orthodox narrativ. Clearly, there is a much broader agenda than vaccines at stake (although vaccine profits are so huge that that money and wealth is a primary tool and driver of the strategy to control science and scientific research and discourse). Dr McCullough is but one of the heroes who, tho battered by the coordinated attack, continues to speak on behalf of patients, science, medicine and the public.

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH | Courageous Discourse | January 4, 2023 READ

Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight (FOX News) I told America that there is a building public health obligation to disclose what happened in a case of cardiac arrest and sudden death when it is unexpected with no antecedent disease.

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A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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