Nicolas Cinquini ~> History, on this day : the French debacle on November 13, 2015

Nicolas Cinquini

(Pierre Terdjman / Paris Match)

The jihadist operation in Paris, on November 13, 2015, was the collateral damage of the Western support to the so-called Syrian revolution, a Sunni radical uprising against the secular government of Syria, which began in 2011 and that global jihadists joined from worldwide

Al Nusra jihadists in Aleppo on October 17, 2013 (Medyan Dairieh / ZUMA)

In that Western proxy war against Russia, the local branch of al Qaeda, Jabhat al Nusra (victory front), was an objective ally, was doing a good job. For internal ego reasons, the Iraqi branch of al Qaeda became the Caliphate (ISIS) late June 2014, was then already involved in Syria. The new organization was more prejudicial to Western interests, but even in this case, John Kerry confided it later during a private conversation, the US were regarding it as a leverage to constraint the ouster of Bashar…

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