Top 7 Foods to Help Fight Depression

Researchers created the Antidepressant Food Score (AFS), which reveals the top seven foods with the most nutrient-dense profiles for the prevention of and recovery from mental health disorders.

Dr. Joseph Mercola September 29, 2022

best foods for depression


  • Seven of the most nutrient-dense foods for fighting depression include oysters, mussels, seafood, grass fed organ meats, leafy greens, peppers and cruciferous vegetables
  • Thirty-four nutrients known to be essential for humans were analyzed to find those deemed most beneficial for fighting depression, narrowing it down to the 12 with the most potential for the Antidepressant Food Score (AFS) list
  • Among the foods on the AFS containing the highest amounts of antidepressant nutrients, three are animal-based and four are plant-based, but some have downsides to consider, such as pesticide residues and heavy metals
  • The entire list of antidepressant foods is headed by watercress with a score of 127%, while the highest animal-based food is oysters with 56%
  • Among people aged 15 through 44 years, mental conditions, including depression, are the leading cause of disability worldwide, so viewing food as a treatment option is considered “imperative” for people struggling with such issues


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