Summit News ~> “Biden won’t finish his term” says former White House physician

“His mind is too far gone.”

15 July, 2022 Paul Joseph Watson

UT NOTE: Harris and Pelosi are next in line. What will the desparate Dems do to keep from losing power? Hmm. Judging from their failure to do anything but make rich people richer, Dems have clearly become Enemy of the People, having taken the title from the US Gov’t more broadly.

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A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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