Pam Popper ~> The Forbidden Chronicles Licensure Laws and Healthcare – Part IV

Pamela A. Popper, President Wellness Forum Health 6/17/22

There is some recent good news to report concerning licensure boards.

We Won!!

On Friday, June 10, Make Americans Free Again had a HUGE win for Dr. Paul Gosselin, the state of Maine, and the medical profession in the U.S.!
Here’s the story:
Dr. Paul Gosselin, like so many doctors in the U.S., had his license suspended because he wrote vaccine exemption letters for his patients. The normal procedure for addressing a license suspension is for the doctor to agree to almost anything – large fines, practice restrictions, practicing under supervision, and so on – to get the license restored.

Thanks to Make Americans Free Again and our Maine lawyer, Ron Jenkins, Dr. Gosselin was not forced to do this.

Instead, Ron Jenkins vigorously fought back on behalf of Dr. Gosselin. Hours and hours of testimony was presented by experts including one doctor who serves on the medical board in another state.

The Decision: Dr. Gosselin is back in practice as of this week!
Some details: The Attorney General had asked for long suspension, intense “practice monitoring,” supplemental CE and an $8000 fine. But this did not happen!

The Board dismissed 2 out of the 3 Counts that it brought against him – unanimously.

The Board proceeded on the 3rd Count. With respect to that third count, they determined that it was based on 5 of the 12 letters that he had written. Those 5 letters contained the word “evaluation” which they said implied that Dr. Gosselin had physically examined the individual, when he had not. So the whole case was whittled down to the appearance of 1 word in 5 letters – semantics – which made them look totally ridiculous. Then they compounded their embarrassment and humiliation by trying but failing to come up with a formula for what a proper letter ought to contain, and then abandoning that effort. The Sanction imposed is symbolic and a face-saver for them.

The Board decided that Dr. Gosselin’s license would be reactivated the following week.

He is on a technical “probation” because he must: (i) complete 20 hours of CME in two areas they specified, but these are NOT in addition to the 50 annually he is already required to complete, (ii) pay $1000 over the next year towards hearing expenses, (iii) refrain from writing any more medical exemption letters until the CME is done.

The outcome is a huge victory for Dr. Gosselin.

But it is also a victory for Maine. That is because, really, it is the Board itself which has been disciplined in this process. It was counting on the usual suspects with the usual approach to defense – set the hearing for 30-60 days out, over in one day, minimal cost to the Board, maximum damage and negative public exposure to the target advancing their tightly controlled COVID-19 narrative. The Board now understands that it will meet stiff resistance every millimeter of the way, and will be forced to spend a multiple of the time and resources that it normally expends, if it targets other doctors for COVID-19 dissent.

Thank you, Ron Jenkins

and thank you to the MAFA donors who made this possible!

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