Pam Popper ~> The Forbidden Chronicles: Licensure Laws and Healthcare – Part III

Pamela A. Popper, President Wellness Forum Health June 13, 2022

In response to last week’s newsletter in which I reported the case of Dan Nuzum, a naturopath who was investigated in Ohio by state licensure boards, I received this email (I’ve redacted any identifying information to protect the author):

My home town is (near Toledo), Ohio and I had a patient who went to Dr. Nuzum. This patient had been on a liver transplant list and Dr. Nuzum got his health turned around and the patient was OFF the liver transplant list. This patient then shared with me a video from Hallelujah Acres and how George Malkmus turned his colon cancer off with proper diet and juicing.  The patient’s doctor at MCO in Toledo told him “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it. You no longer need a liver transplant!”.  My patient said he shared the video from Hallelujah Acres as well as Dr. Nuzum’s practice with others as much as possible. He considered it his “civic duty” to tell others of how Dr. Nuzum’s practice helped him!

Another patient came to us after seeing Dr. Nuzum who had done some special testing on him and told him exactly where he had a void or hole in his jaw. The patient came to our office to check and sure enough, he had a large hole in his jaw bone. We were intrigued. That patient had been shaking in his arms and body and no doctor could help him. Dr. Nuzum took care of his dysbiosis and the patient recovered and was thrilled.

So here are 2 great testimonies of Dr. Nuzum HELPING, at a point where allopathic medicine could not. I am sorry to hear about what transpired with Dr. Nuzum.

The Story of My Experience With A Licensure Board

Note: some names have been redacted in order to protect people from harassment – I’m used to it by now, but others – not so much!!
I never expected to be a target of a state investigation, and I was so naïve that when I occasionally heard about people who were investigated by the government, I assumed that those people had done something terribly wrong. I believed that government needed a reason to intrude on our lives. Thus, I was very shocked when the State of Ohio began an investigation of me and The Wellness Forum in 1997. 

I was first contacted by the Ohio State Board of Dietetics in April 1997. According to the letter I received, the Board had received an inquiry about our “weight control program.”  The Wellness Forum did not at that time offer a “weight control program,” and I was unaware that State agencies investigate businesses based on “inquiries.”  Nonetheless, in the spirit of cooperation, I submitted answers to the questions included in the letter from the Board and received a letter from the Board some months later indicating that The Wellness Forum was in compliance with the law. I thought that the matter was closed.

The next time I heard from the Board was via a telephone call from the Board’s investigator, Beth Shaffer, in mid-1998. Ms. Shaffer was investigating a company called “Fitness Resources,” a private gym in Columbus. According to Ms. Shaffer, someone had picked up one of our brochures at Fitness Resources and forwarded it to Ms. Shaffer. She had several questions about the services we offered, as well as questions about the activities of Fitness Resources. During this conversation, which lasted for about 40 minutes, Ms. Shaffer also questioned me about Fitness Resources’ Board of Advisors and several other people in the health care field and their activities. I answered the questions to the best of my ability, but was unable to provide any substantial information. Although I knew the owner of Fitness Resources, it was not my business. Again, at this time I thought cooperation was the best approach.

In February 1999, Ms. Shaffer again contacted me, stating that she had several questions about The Wellness Forum and wanted to meet with me personally. Ms. Shaffer informed me that a complaint had been filed against The Wellness Forum concerning a lecture called “Raw Food and Weight Loss.” As a result of this complaint, she wanted to see the lecture notes from that presentation.

Again, I tried to be cooperative, thinking that this was the best way to handle the situation, so I agreed to meet her. The meeting took place on February 23 and I took notes both during and after the meeting. When asked who filed the complaint, or the nature of the complaint, Ms. Shaffer informed me that she did not have to provide me with that information. I did provide her with the notes from the lecture, but Ms. Shaffer continued to ask questions about other events on our calendar, and the speakers and their credentials. I knew this was not going to end well when Ms. Shaffer informed me during this meeting that showing the movie Diet for a NewAmerica could be considered the unlicensed practice of dietetics (a misdemeanor crime in Ohio) because watching it might make someone change their dietary habits. 

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