The Vitamin D researchers

Navigating the Covid Confusion

Who are the experts on vitamin D research?

Michael Holick. Sunil Wimalawansa.

Holick was the pioneer in non-endocrinological vitamin D research. His contribution is huge, including discovery of two vitamin D analogs, calcidiol (aka calcifediol) and calcitriol, their function, tests to measure serum level of the analogs, and relationships between the sun, seasons, the skin, and vitamin D production. Holick was asked to leave the Boston University Department of Dermatology for promoting the medical benefits of vitamin D, which now are generally recognized, by Barbara Gilchrest. Her numerous misstatements about vitamin D may be found here.

Wimilawansa has added significantly to the knowledge from Holick, especially as regards calcifediol supplementation and its relevance to the immune system.

Then there’s David Grimes, who writes about Vitamin D and cholesterol. Also about Vitamin D deficiency and covid.

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