Celia Farber ~> Michael Sussman Acquitted

A Few Tweets To Reflect Some Of The Mood/Reactuons

Celia Farber may 31, 2022

This does not change the fact that Russiagate was a hoax, as we’ve known since Mueller’s day.

And everything is documented now.

And those who said we were fools to think justice might be served were right.

I openly admit: I’m a fool. I never seem to learn.

Greg Price @greg_price11Reminder that the jury in Michael Sussman’s case included three Hillary Clinton donors, an AOC donor, and a woman whose daughter was on the same sports team with Sussmann’s daughter.May 31st 2022421 Retweets1,101 Likes

John D @RedWingGripsRoger Stone received a 40 month prison sentence for making false statements to Congress Michael Sussman tried manipulating an FBI investigation at the behest of Hillary Clinton and walks away free Got itMay 31st 2022170 Retweets299 Likes

Greg Price @greg_price11Michael Flynn was dragged through legal hell for years on charges he lied to the FBI even though it was clear they entrapped him. Hillary’s former campaign manager literally testified she gave the green light to spread the fake Alfa Bank story. Sussman was acquitted anyway.May 31st 20221,470 Retweets4,392 Likes

Thomas Paine @Thomas1774PaineWe were right about Durham again. EVERYONE else in right-wing Media got it wrong. AGAIN. EVERY. ONE. Maybe it’s time to move away from paid liars and posers and join us over here on paine.tv

Paine.TV“I love my country, not my government”paine.tv

May 31st 202229 Retweets82 Likes

The Flashism Ep. 17 @BettyLoo15Sniffy Joe wrote an article for the Wall St Journal in 1992 talking about the New World Order…. March 24th 202216 Retweets12 Likes

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