Unacceptable Jessica ~> Hepato-symptom laundering?

What is going on with liver injuries ‘suddenly’ and ‘mysteriously’ appearing in infants that require transplantation?

Jessica Rose May 30, 2022

8 hr ago


I was walking today and I had one of those big thoughts pop into my head that said: “What happened with the childhood hepatitis outbreak?” And my brain’s answer was: “Monkeypox”. CBS news reported on this 2 days ago on May 28, 2022, and they report on a child case study and talk about the symptoms and her transplant surgery. By the way, one of the things I learned in my PhD program was that liver transplantation requires life-long immuno-suppressive drugs. LIFE. LONG.

8 hours of surgery to replace her liver and 90% of it was damaged. 90%. This family they report on also had a baby that died of SIDS. Poor family. They are struggling to understand with what’s going on. … I am terribly sorry for posting this photo, but this is indeed many people’s realities now and I think it’s important that others know.



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