Dr Tess Lawrie ~> Left in the dark: shining a light on vaccine injury

Time to break the silence, dispel prejudice and help find answers

Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​7 hr ago407

I’ve just come out of a very moving and important conversation with someone few people want to acknowledge.

Caroline Pover is a writer, entrepreneur and one of the many people injured by the Covid-19 vaccines. I recently wrote about Caroline and two other members of UK CV Family – a vaccine injury support group.

I am so glad to have been able to meet Caroline in person and learn more about her experience. Three things struck me. The first is the extent to which Caroline’s life has changed. She’s gone from living a very full and busy life, to being limited to about half a day a week of work as a direct result of her vaccine injuries. This drastic reduction in quality of life is devastating for her and the many others who have had bad reactions to these new inadequately tested gene-based vaccines. In my opinion, the impact of these injuries is not limited to individuals like Caroline – the impact is being felt across communities and entire nations. It doesn’t take much to see that many businesses and services are affected by employee illness: In my town there are job ads in the windows of most establishments. What about yours?


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