Mercola ~> General Principles to Consider When Treating Chronic Illness

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • May 01, 2022


  • Chronic illness is typically caused by some underlying cellular dysfunction, and two of the primary reasons for that are toxicity and/or poor gut health
  • Infected root canals and cavitations are also common causes of chronic health problems
  • Oxygen therapy stimulates your body to heal itself. You can stimulate joint cartilage to grow, strengthen your immune system, kill off pathogens, keep viral infections at bay and much more
  • Alternative treatment modalities that can help facilitate healing where conventional medicine fails include prolotherapy, ozone therapy, prolozone (a combination of prolotherapy and ozone), hyperbarics, chelation, UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation), EBOO (extracorporeal blood oxygenation), photobiomodulation and more

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