Via Liz Truss lying at the Easter Banquet in Mansion House, City of London. Someone remind these ghouls of the meaning of Easter….. they seem to have forgotten.

Frances Leader17 hr ago1921

Do not imagine that Liz Truss wrote that speech. She is a puppet for the NWO predator class which INFESTS the Crown Corporation & City of London since the Templars established the “rule of law”.

Not all of us are ignorant to what that phrase really means.

The speech is a gilded declaration of war against Russia and China. Truss is just stupid enough to go down in history as the idiot who delivered it and put a massive target over London.

I have been waiting for the true global rulers to step out of their dark lair and seeing Liz Truss wearing black was significant, even if she is too dumb to know it.

Congratulations to the Black Nobility, the Guelph, the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the Windsors….. you have reached your destination, WW3.

I do not think many of us will survive it.

Watch the speech from 51st minute here:

If you can spare the time (and the sick bucket) watch the Mayor of London’s speech at the beginning….. that is just as malignant and full of hateful deceit too.

I want my readers to understand that the City of London does not represent the British people. It only represents the globalist corporations who have their HQs within that predatory square mile. Those corporations are owned by internationalists who feel no allegiance to any country, least of all Britain.

Us Brits have been cannon fodder for the Templars’ “Rule of Law” since the days of the Crusades. We have done their globalist bidding by conquering, colonising and genociding while stuffing their bank accounts with trillions, trinkets and treasure. We have died in the millions to win their wars, we have taken their “Rule of Law” and inflicted it all over the world, all the while remaining completely oblivious of the true meaning of the phrase. The RULE OF LAW is the HOLY GRAIL. It is the best kept secret. It is an early and very simple word salad! It means that the law is from the rulers or He Who Rules Is The Law.



Lately, I have been seeing and hearing this “RULE OF LAW” phrase everywhere. Sometimes it is distorted into “rules based order” or something similar like the “rules-based international order;” at other times the “international order” or “rules-based system;” or occasionally the “rules-based international system,” but now we may add “international law-b…Read morea month ago · 15 likes · 26 comments · Frances Leader

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