Steve Kirsch ~> Are there any daily print newspapers in America that report the truth about the vaccines, masking?

Not that I’ve found.

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My local newspaper is the San Jose Mercury News. Like every other newspaper I’ve read, they religiously follow the narrative. If I try to reach out, they ignore me. They don’t want to know anything that would challenge their point of view.

There are 1,260 daily print newspapers in America.

Are there any who will admit that masks don’t work and/or the vaccines are dangerous?

Is there a single one who has a reporter that will meet with us on a recorded video to defend their views?

Apparently not. And that’s the point. The mind control is astonishing: 1,260 newspaper without a single one figuring out the truth. That’s impressive.

Close, but no cigar

The Epoch Times is weekly print and daily online, so they don’t qualify, but they are the best newspaper on the planet right now.

The Vermont Daily Chronicle is online only.

The Desert Review is online and weekly print.

Blaze News is online only.

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I write about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.

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