Jessica Rose ~> Stop the Treaty and Join the Conversation taking place in Bath (May 20-22)!

Or taking place from the Bathroom, in my case…

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There’s another opportunity for us to present written and video objections to the pandemic treaty proposed by the WHO coming up on June 16-17, 2022. Please write and/or send a video. Here’s an updated summary written by James Roguski on the loss of sovereignty if this piece of garbage passes. Let me be clear: WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO STOP THIS. Go to the World Council for Health website to learn more and how to respond to the WHO.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Please also be aware of the upcoming conference entitled “Better Way Conference” in Bath where a long list of speakers from all over the world will be presenting great information, including moi. I am going to present a new slide deck entitled ‘Exposing Fraud’. It should be good. I am working on it now. I wish more than anything that I could be present in person for this one. So many lovely people whose hands I would love to shake and others, I just need to hug. Alas, not yet.

There will be many more speakers than shown on this poster… I think it’s going to be very good.

My title slide and first slide look like this:

At the beginning of this COVID-19 nightmare, a ‘friend’ of mine posed a question that simulateously enraged me, enabled the loss of respect (from my end) for him, and made me put on my boxing gloves and punch everything that apathetically lies and cheats that walked in front of me.

On the subject of other people, mindlessly lining up to get repeatedly injected, gagged, tagged, etc…, and the fact that in his mind, it didn’t affect him or me, he asked me: ‘Why do you care?’, with a lackadiasical, apathetic tone, no less.

Why do I care? care because, thanks to the equally apathetic lack of concern for the disgraceful relinquishment of basic human rights en masse, now I am screwed. I am screwed. You are screwed. The world got screwed. I will not allow my unalienable rights to be raped by malevolence or stupidity. If you are an enforcer of any of these impositions, you must know, it is not legal to do so. You are complicit to crimes, and in some cases, crimes against humanity.1 Nobody wants your pandemic anymore. You tried. And you failed.

If the threat of being on trial/held accountable for violating others’ unalienable human rights doesn’t scare you, it should.

Nothing supercedes my unalienable rights.


Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are purposefully committed by a state, or on behalf of a state, as part of a widespread or systematic policy, typically directed against civilians, in times of war or peace. The violent nature of such acts are considered a severe breaching of human rights, hence the name.

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