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fauci claims we are now “out of the pandemic phase”

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in his 12,343rd interview of the pandemic, flip flop fauci comes to spin yet another yarn. this time, just for variety’s sake, he actually begins with something that might be true, at least in part.

but, being tony, he rapidly forays into falsehood and grandiose claims of having saved the day.

predominantly, he hypes the role of vaccines and plays up the temporary nature of natural immunity. this appears to be a part of a suddenly unified edifice of unfounded claims that “vaccinated immunity outperforms natural/recovered immunity.”

it’s suddenly popping up everywhere.

color me cynical, but this has, over the last 2 years, been an excellent predictor of problems about to emerge into the collective consciousness.

this got me interested because these claims are, of course, total bunk and yet another example of “fact checking as captured talking point pushing”.

the evidence is overwhelming that natural immunity is stronger, more sterilizing, and longer lasting than covid vaccination. brownstone has collected over 150 studies on this topic HERE.

it is manifestly clear that not only are the vaxxed and boosted getting more covid than the unvaccinated:

but that this trend is getting worse over time as variants undergo evolution driven by leaky vaccines that have antigenically fixated the purportedly inoculated.

bad cattitude

covid is becoming increasingly vaccine enabled

it has long been known that the covid vaccines were non-sterilizing. it has also been known, based on the countries like the UK that report the stats honestly that the vaccinated are at greater risk…Read more17 days ago · 754 likes · 488 comments · el gato malo

this is likely driving the opposite of herd immunity. it’s driving herd antigenic fixation and perpetual vulnerability.

many states are starting to try to adulterate and hide the data on outcomes here.

“In an announcement Tuesday, the Department of Health and Human Services said it had redefined COVID-19 hospitalization to include only patients being treated with remdesivir or dexamethasone, drugs used for hospitalized patients with moderate to severe illness. Those hospitalized with milder symptoms or primarily for another cause are no longer included — even if they continue to take up a hospital bed because they are too ill to be discharged.”

i suspect that this is because those who are still doing apples to apples comps look like this in the over 70’s hospitalization figures despite 95%+ vaxx rates.

this is out of season and unexpected. something is wrong.

(note that these are not the same scale)

and it’s pretty clear what that something is: the vaccines are becoming the problem.

issues with vaccines preventing/attenuating the acquisition of long term, sterilizing immunity even after having had actual covid have been known for some time and we’ve seen that variant specific boosters did nothing to broaden immunity or make it more specific.

bad cattitude

variant specific boosters fail to elicit variant specific response

THIS is a very interesting paper written by a bewilderingly large number of authors (66 in total), many from NIH and NIAID. it carries the somewhat technical and tepid title of: it would, frankly, be…Read more2 months ago · 534 likes · 222 comments · el gato malo

at the end of this trial, certain internet felines were heard to ask:

testing the effects of adaptive immune learning from exposure to live pathogen is a really obvious next step in an experimental series like this and one the researchers were well set up to undertake.

i wonder why they didn’t…?

well, while one can never be sure when guessing at the motivations of others, we may now have a bit more reason to suspect it was “because they did not want to have to release the results” because it sure looks like they played out just as one would predict. and that is incredibly damning for vaccines.

THIS study is devastating. (and the lead author, dean follmann, is from the NIAID, fauci’s fiefdom)

the key finding is here:

in simple layman’s terms, this is showing you serious suppression of immune system training. mRNA vaccines do not train your immune system to recognize the nucleocapsid of SARSCOV. they cannot. they do not contain it. they contain instructions to teach your cells to express proteins on their surfaces that look like those created by cells infected with covid19 and to then elicit (and intensify) and immune response. this is a narrow, intense form of immune training.

it is also why, many have posited, these vaccines have proven so unable to provide sterilizing immunity. because this is an after effect. it’s akin to training your night watchman to recognize a burning building, but not an arsonist. until the fire gets lit, he won’t react, even if the arsonist is still standing right next to it. he’s never seen one. he does not know what an arsonist is.

exposure to live virus should teach him. the result of this learning is the ability and propensity to produce N antibodies against the nucleocapsid of the virus itself. now you WILL attack arsonists as soon as you see them.

93% of untreated who got the virus acquired this ability.

but only 40% of those who took the moderna vaccine and were then exposed to live virus did.

nearly 6 in 10 (57%) of those vaccinated who would have been expected to generate these antibodies did not.

welcome to OAS/antigenic fixation, population: probably you.

this gets more complex and considerably more concerning as the N response appears exposure intensity related and varies widely by intensity of exposure.

at low exposures, the likelihood of manifesting is 6-8 to 1 in favor of placebo.

note that this is pre-unblinding data from the actual moderna phase 3 trial. it is not new data, just a new analysis/publication. (it was all also done in old variants. there is strong reason to expect current result would be even worse for vaccines)

so this was known or at least knowable back before the FDA has made any approvals. the fact that it was either missed or ignored/not published is astonishing. that’s a staggering lapse and i honestly struggle to imagine a valid and non-nefarious reason for this that could not be construed as full blown gross incompetence.

i am all but totally sure we’re going to see this same issue in the pfizer data that the FDA was so desperate to delay the release of.

i struggle to imagine pfizer missing this, moderna missing this, and the FDA missing this. if that happened, then some very pointy questions about how broken our approval process is beg to be asked. because everything here is pointing more and more toward: the vaccines are going to be a serious, long term preventer of herd immunity. this is an astonishing outcome from the agencies and experts that literally just changed the very definition of herd immunity to exclude natural immunity and include only vaccines.


so, yes, expect a stunning pivot in the US. this is well past “inconvenient truth” and inching toward “we’re going down in history as the worst villains in the history of public health.”

expect to see heaven and earth moved to stop that from emerging.

but i doubt the charade can last. signs are becoming too blatant and the effects over months and years will be too clear.

also, others, who are not so conflicted and prone to cronyistic dissembling and are looking into it.

little discussed in the US, the danes just suspended their covid vaccination campaign. (many in scandinavia having already discontinued mRNA jabs for the young)

perhaps i’m being overly optimistic and reading more into this than is warranted, but this “thorough assessment” they reference piqued my interest.


i wonder if the folks that gutted masks with their DANMASK study might be about to perform a similar service for vaccines?

for while bill the bard might speak of something rotten in denmark, it does not appear to be their public health agencies.

and they sure have lots of data to look at.

i wonder what they’ll find?

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