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Predators exist for us to reject their tricks.

Tessa Lena Apr 18, 2022

This story is about dignity.

First, apologies for being slow to respond to emails. I have been dealing with family matters  and health matters, and I am actively pedaling toward the light in the end of the tunnel. I thank you for being wonderful and having my back.

The other day, I was talking to a friend about philosophy (or something), and the topic of dignity came up. It so happens that I’ve been thinking about dignity for years. I’ve been thinking about the role it plays in society, and how our choices are often driven by our need to compensate for the lack of soul dignity, and how it is all tied to our feeling of time (are we living on our time or on somebody else’s?)

And so, as my friend and I talked, it turned out that we had very different internal definitions for “dignity,” which I found incredibly interesting. So I started thinking further, and this essay showed up.

My internal definition: Dignity is a happy, sweet, positive feeling that results from the loving acceptance of who we really are by the people around us. Dignity is a state of not being violated for who we are in our natural state. Dignity is respect for the soul.

What is the place of dignity of today’s society?

In today’s society, dignity is extremely rare because the entire culture is centered around disregarding people’s souls and turning people into compliant and enthusiastic producing machines who are “respected” as long as they have health and money, and not respected otherwise. The latest edition of “respect” in addition requires political correctness and being void of any original thought.

Dignity was rare even pre-2020—and in 2020, it officially became a sin.

A tangent

In my observation, when people kiss your arse based on your social status, it’s  a very different beast from being truly loved and respected for your soul. It’s a replacement beast—which is why, I think, it is not uncommon for the people who are famous for their extraordinary success in some commercial area to occasionally climb on a metaphorical chair and recite a metaphorical poem, seeking praise and love for their artistic expression.

For instance, here’s Francis Collins, strumming his guitar and singing an insane song about our genes (the quality of his art warrants a trigger warning; and on a side note, his poetic admission to the lack of understanding of human genetics doesn’t inspire any confidence in any genetic products he potentially promotes). And look, here’s same Collins four years ago performing a song on stage with Renee Fleming and National Symphony Orchestra!! Clearly he cherishes the “musician” part of his identity! And we know how Elon Musk releases music tracks when he is not busy shooting satellites into our skies or inserting computer interfaces into monkeys’ brains. And countless businessmen use any opportunity to sing a song on stage and be loved for it, and so on. On one occasion, a successful music industry lawyer whose newsletter I  used to get sent a very touching and vulnerable newsletter about his art—and the art was surprisingly very good! The tone of that newsletter of his was so different from the usual, he was all vulnerable and excited, etc.! Which is to say that people do want to be loved and praised for the expression of their soul, it’s just that in our robotic world, it’s not an easy feat! And I am not even going into artistic endeavors of Hitler and G.W. Bush!

Redirecting” dignity

One of the oldest tricks used by Machiavellian leaders, while on a quest  for personal elevation and enrichment, is to create an illusion of “restoring” their supporters’ dignity—by allowing and encouraging their supporters to take prestige and material possessions away from somebody else.

For example, an ambitious leader desiring to rob someone on a massive scale would appeal to his dejected and humiliated compatriots (and sometimes even dramatically exaggerate their humiliation). He would say that it’s those other people’s fault that the compatriots are dejected and humiliated—or, at the very least, that those other people are clearly inferior (based on their ethnicity,  religion,  gender, medical status, and so on), which makes it okay to abuse them and to take their dignity, prestige, and/or property away from them.

The technique of “redirecting dignity” is how many horrible, senselessly cruel events were marketed to potential supporters. Take, for example, the Crusades (a military conquest that ruined a cultural and scientific renaissance enjoyed by the people in the Middle East at the time), or the genocide of the original people of the Americas, or Hitler’s quest to “make life better” for “true“ Germans, and so on.)  If people didn’t fall prey so easily to the message of “being wronged by that other obviously horrible person who has the stuff that you want”—the world would be a better place…

Using “redirected dignity” for immediate violence and robbery is an obvious example. But it can get more subtle and strategic!

Gender war games

In this example, although I am not a biologist, I am going to step with one foot into the unnecessarily controversial topic of gender war games because it’s a good example of redirection of dignity. For brevity’s sake, I am going to oversimplify the plot, so please account for a degree of oversimplification. Respect and love for all can be assumed.

I don’t think that today’s aggressive and screaming corporate push for “transgender rights” has anything to do with respect, or with anyone’s rights, or with trying to heal anyone’s pain caused by prejudice. What’s behind the sudden corporate care for the “transgender rights” is transhumanism and profits (cynical as usual)!

Transhumanist ideology presumes that nature is a resource for the moneyed masters of everything—and that we, meaning they, can make a ton more money by “re-writing” natural laws… on their commercial and theological terms, of course—which I believe is the point. They want to “upgrade the original terms and services agreement” of this world so that they are fully in charge, and we (gay, straight, or transgender) are fully confused and edible!

And so, in order to further weaken our important and empowering connection to nature, the transhumanism PR consultants are promoting the idea that biology is human-programmable and re-definable, and no big deal. In their world, the moneyed people are fully in change of biology, and nothing is real unless they say it’s real. And in order to seduce us into believing that the destiny of biology is to be completely re-definable (as opposed the notion of just living in respectful harmony with nature, and treating everyone with dignity regardless of their gender), they are inserting a distorted “restoration of dignity” bit into their story to ease their propaganda into our compassionate hearts!

In other words, they are using the existence of transgender people and the real prejudice against them to push for their agenda! (By the way, could there be a short-term status benefit to the transgender people from this insincere corporate effort? Yes, under the paradigm of domination, and it is a case of complexity of life. But the effort is none the less insincere!)

And so the transhumanists tell the transgender people (who are beautiful, special, and who possess very special spiritual gifts, I believe—but who are obviously not identical to those born as their “target” gender) that their dignity is synonymous with other people believing that there is no difference whatsoever between them and their non-transgender counterparts—and that those who think otherwise are insulting and disrespecting them. A genius trick that creates an arbitrary dignity “hook,” which is then used to derail everyone’s sanity!

(And here is some proverbial 5D chess: I think the purpose is not to help anyone, certainly not the transgender people. It is to groom all of us to fear the word “transphobic,” a career killer, which would later be used to humiliate anyone who would dare say that there is a difference between a human being and “AI.” That, I believe, is the true destination of the word “transphobic”! And furthermore, it’s not that high-level transhumanists really believe that AI is “alive” or “human,” it’s just their “communications strategy” of domination!)

And if, as a result of all this maneuvering, a young transgender person (who, like so many of us this world, is likely dealing with some kind of indignity) believes the cunning transhumanist who pretends to “restore the dignity,” then the emotion of being insulted by any mention of biology will be very sincere and real—and, with some help from the transhumanist, it will result into ‘transferring” the humiliation from the transgender people to the ones who mention biology (instead of healing everyone). And that humiliation would be then used to shut up the people who see that AI is clearly not the same thing as a human being, etc.

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A whole tower of horrible strategy designed to take us farther away from any sort of balance!

My views on the topic of “transgender”

To elaborate on my views, I am personally subscribed to the school of thought practiced in some older traditional cultures, according to which people born to be something else other than a straight man or woman possess very special gifts, due to their ability to feel the world in a way that even the wisest straight man or woman cannot. Of course, our society is messed up, and what pop culture does to all of us, regardless of gender, is another matter—and what politics and greed do is yet another matter—but, cultural noise aside, people with “alternative” genders are in the world for a reason just like all of us, and we do benefit from the presence of people with all different gifts, and we need all our gifts to live in balance. Thus, I obviously have nothing but the uttermost respect for transgender people, and gay people, and straight people. In indigenous cultures, people with non-straight genders were revered as healers. I think it’s wise!

In that context, the transhumanist spin is nothing short of treacherous! Confusing the people who carry a rare gift and turning them toward negative expression is harmful to all of us because not only does it create confusion and new anger, it also distracts people with a special gift from applying it with love. It’s a lose-lose! All “divide and conquer” is a lose-lose. All of it.

Beyond this, I don’t know anything. I think it’s wise to focus on our own tasks and leave other people’s tasks to them. I certainly have no idea what it feels like to be transgender because I am not. But, as someone who used to be a total tomboy when I was a kid, I am happy that I was born before the trend of pushing puberty blockers on non-transgender kids with personalities before they get a chance to even figure out who they are!

And yes, I am sad about the presence of bile on both sides of the “transgender” issue —and as usual, to me, doing things with love is more important than believing in this idea or that idea (and when one’s compass is set on doing things with love, ideas tend ultimately to gravitate toward some semblance of reality, I think). So, I am using this example to illustrate the fact that genuine respect and acceptance have nothing to do with ideological talking points—which, I believe, were created to confuse and divide us, and to distract very deserving people from their unique spiritual gift, and usher all of us toward a “designer” world (designed by horrible, clueless technocrats to suit their desires, with our desires set aside, unless we shape our desires after their command). I have full faith that anyone commenting on this part of the story will do it with love. Neither existence of biology nor respect should be controversial!

“Your mask protects me.”

Another example of “redirecting dignity” is mask shaming. The pseudoscientific on many levels (and entirely made up) premise is that a masked asymptomatic person is less likely to transmit a respiratory virus. For fearmongering purposes, we are told that any decent human being in good health would most certainly be glad to don a mask so that not to put other people at risk—and those who refuse are selfish and horrible! And then we find ourselves in a very strange place where, according to television wisdom, mask wearing is a virtue. And then the fear of those who are too stressed out and discombobulated to think this through is used to humiliate those who don’t want to be abused! Such a classic trick!

It has gotten so absurd that I think that if our leaders decided tomorrow to proclaim that wearing color purple kills household pets, they could probably convince enough people!

Accepting experimental medical products

Another example of redirected dignity is COVID injections. The television dogma is that submitting to the COVID injection makes one a responsible person. Now, that entire thing, again, is made up by experts in psychology in order to mess with people’s heads, based on a series of pre-existing assumptions (and it doesn’t matter whether some of the “convincers” may sincerely believe that the product is good; the point is that they are happy to use fear to drive our behavior toward their desired outcome, and it’s not cool). If taking the injection is framed as “respect,” then another person’s non-compliance is “disrespect,” and then the person feeling “disrespected” could get angry and “motivate” the refusers … yummy social engineering!

Etc. etc.

Masked abuse (a pun)

As I showed above, “redirecting dignity” can be used for robbery of different kinds. But it is also possible to manipulatively reduce perceived indignity while abusing a person by pretending there is no abuse taking place!

Imagine that somebody secretly harms you. If you don’t know you are being harmed, then subjectively you don’t feel undignified—until it’s impossible to hide.

Let’s first look at a non-controversial case of DDT. Today, it is widely accepted that DDT is toxic and bad for health and life. But it wasn’t always that way! And so, if somebody went back in time to when the television insisted that DDT was amazing, and saw parents sending their kids to run after DDT-spraying trucks (obviously not with the intention to kill the kids), he would be inclined to scream, “Nooooo, don’t do it, it’s bad!!!” And he would be perceived as cray-cray because “DDT is good for meeeee,” and everybody knows that. If, then, that person were mandated to be sprayed with poisonous DDT, he would feel extremely violated. But not the ones who don’t know that it’s poisonous! They might think that the mandate is an expression of care! And how many years did it take to establish the DDT is not good for us at all?

Yes, same with COVID injections. At this point, it seems undeniable that the product is not safe (or effective)—and that’s regarldess of what anybody thinks about conspiracies. They are not safe in a world with conspiracies, and they are not in a world without conspiracies. They are not safe based on the sheer amount of deaths and injuries in previously healthy people in close temporal proximity to the injection, as well as based on the reports from horrified pathologists, as well as based on wild censorship around the topic of injuries. And yet we are told that the skeptics (who understand that we are being forced to take extremely unsafe medical procedures and thus feel violated) are horrible irresponsible people! Talk about redirection!

The antidote against the trickery

I believe that the antidote is spiritual strength. It is much harder for the liars to get us if we seek to be spiritually grounded and actively try to do the right thing. It is also much harder for the social engineers to scare us into submission if we insist on love. So I am going to end the story with this short video by Sobonfu Some, who passed away a few years ago. If you look up her book called “Intimacy,” you might greatly enjoy it! In her book, she wrote about many important things, including the wisdom of her people regarding gender.



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