Celia Farber ~> OPEN MURDER OF OPPOSITION PRESS IN UKRAINE: Valery Kuleshov, Ukrainian Blogger Who Opposed Zelensky Regime, Executed In Car in Kherson

“Collaboration can be costly” says news site Visegràd 24, Twitter jubilates over killed journalists, as Lira remains missing

Celia FarberApr 206827

Dr. Derp @toddmacphersonThe Ukrainian Secret Police (Nazis) are killing anyone that’s critical of the regime. #ValeryKuleshov, a Ukrainian blogger known for his pro-Russian positions, was assassinated this morning in Kherson at about 8:30am this morning while running errands. The West is silent. April 20th 202210 Retweets13 Likes

Christine @ChristineEliaz@SarahAshtonLV @realGonzaloLira @MaxBlumenthal Wow this Chebureki Vibes @PelmeniPushaIn Kherson, unidentified people killed pro-Russian blogger and volunteer Valery Kuleshov. The tragedy happened at 08:15 am. He was shot in a car near his own entrance in the Shumen microdistrict.April 20th 20224 Retweets42 Likes

This Tweet is particularly chilling, from a news aggregation site called Visegrád 24. “Collaboration can be costly,” is an open endorsement of Kuleshov’s execution. And if you read the comments under the tweet, in ice cold support, and often mocking glee over this death. Staggering.

Open murderous bloodlust on Twitter, with countless pro-Ukraine accounts, calling for more journalists and bloggers to be executed, if they don’t support the Zelensky regime. Still no “I Stand With Ukraine” types in the West have the DECENCY to admit they were dead wrong about their dancing in high-heels fascist hero, Zelensky. He outlawed all opposition parties. And now western tools are citing that as the reason journalists being executed deserved what they got. Absolutely disgusting. But at least the masks are off, in more ways than one.

Visegrád 24 @visegrad24The traitor and famous pro-Russian pundit Valery Kuleshov was killed this morning. He was a candidate to become the new head of the occupation police in Kherson. A number of unknown assailants shot him dead just after he left his apartment. Collaboration can be costly.

April 20th 2022

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