bad cattitude ~> danish study shows no benefit to overall mortality from mRNA vaccines

have regulators been pushing the wrong vaccines?

el gato malo3 hr ago240150

this danish study is making the rounds. it’s an assembly/meta study of RCT’s for covid vaccines. what is perhaps most interesting here is not even so much the conclusion (as this has been known for a year by any intrepid enough to read the supplementary data in the mRNA drug trials) but rather the fact that is is now becoming OK to say this out loud and to publish it in places like “the lancet”.

as can be seen right from the beginning, they are addressing the real question very directly:

this is a criticism with which long term readers of the musings of certain internet felines will be familiar. the mRNA jabs are not like other vaccines. they work in an entirely new modality and one fraught with quite a lot of known (and certainly unknown as well) issues. there was little if any testing around this and the systems set up to assess drugs like these were simply inadequate to the task.


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