Celia Farber ~> Is Lira Alive? Person Claiming To Be Gonzalo Lira Emerges On Twitter

Hoax Or Real?

Celia Farber12 min ago32

Producer Richard Gale (PRN/Gary Null) sent the following email to myself and Mark Crispin Miller this morning:

”Thu, Apr 21 at 9:14 AM

The latest updated post I saw.. however, too soon to confirm if it passes the smell test

Caveat Emptor of course, but promising.

Hope it is true and not a cynical scam.
The time stamps suggest very recent.
And content suggests he is now out of Ukraine.
Check this Twitter link.

I made it out of Ukraine at great personal risk, to say nothing of the funds and logistics it took to get the hell out of there. I made this account because the others are compromised. I wanted to let people who are worrying about me, supporters if you will to know I’m safe”

I’ve read all the tweets, most of the replies in the thread and looked at the people the holder of this account is following.

“Lira would never follow pro-Zelensky Twitter accounts,” is one case made by those who think it’s a hoax.

His follows mostly make sense, (they include George Webb, Oliver Stone, Patrick Lancaster—),including the top one, a Zelensky loyalist, for how would a war reporter get info but to follow all sides? I think it does sound like him. His cadences, punctuations, mind landscape. But that’s all mimicable, if you’re CIA or some such.

If I had to vote? It’s a draw. I don’t know. The thing that bothers me is that the profile photo is taken from the internet. And there are so few followers. We have to see what Ritter says, this morning. (Let the record show: I never used the D word in relation to Lira. I never said he was dead.) He could be captured. And I believe this is the worse possibility of those two.

Here’s the top Tweet:

realGonzaloLira01 @Lira01RealThey may shut this down. But if you hear nothing else. If they finally get to me. Or I go off the grid remember this: Zelensky is a puppet of Kolomoisky who is a puppet himself. Those two subjects: BioLabs / Hunter Biden (many a death can be attributed to these truths)April 21st 20229 Retweets45 Likes

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