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The Forbidden Chronicles
The Truth Continues to Come Out!
Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

A growing number of people are changing course and telling the truth about issues like testing, the difference between people who are hospitalized with vs from COVID, and other important data that has been misused to initiate and perpetuate medical tyranny. Many people who have continually misrepresented data seem to have caught a “truth virus” that compels them to disclose accurate information. Fortunately, the virus is still spreading and continues to infect more and more people.

First, Some Truth From the UK

John Campbell, PhD., is a retired teacher and Accident and Emergency nurse in the UK. According to his LinkedIn page, he is skilled in practical nursing healthcare, nursing research, and health and educational research.[1] For a very long time, Dr. Campbell enthusiastically supported the UK’s COVID policies, ranging from masks and lockdowns to COVID-19 vaccines.

But in a video posted in January, he changed course, and objectively reviewed UK data regarding COVID-19 deaths. Access to the data resulted from a Freedom of Information Act request and showed that during 2020 the number of deaths due to COVID-19 alone in England and Wales was 9400, and 7851 of those deaths were in people who were 65 years of age or older. Median age at death was 81.5 years.

For first quarter 2021, 6483 deaths were attributed to COVID-19 alone, with 4923 deaths in seniors over age 65. During the second quarter, 346 people died of COVID, and in the third quarter 1142 died of COVID alone.

The total deaths from COVID-19 alone for the 21 months from January 2020 through September 2021 were 17,371 in the UK. This is significantly lower than the UK government’s report, which claimed that COVID-19 had killed 137,133 people.[2]

On January 19, 2022 UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid admitted that the government’s data was unreliable, that people died of conditions not related to COVID but were counted as COVID deaths due to a positive test; and that at least 40% of currently hospitalized “COVID patients” were not admitted for COVID but were considered COVID patients due to a positive test.[3]

Dr. Campbell points out other disturbing data in this video. The average life expectancy for women in the UK is 82.9 years and for men is 79 years. The average age at death from COVID in 2021 in the UK was 82.5 years. It does not seem that COVID-19 shortened lifespans in the UK. Government policies resulted in far more deaths from issues such as the inability to access medical care, suicide, and drug overdose.[4]

In another of Dr. Campbell’s videos, he reports on data included in a recent document release from the FDA on Pfizer vaccines. These show that within only a few weeks after the vaccine was introduced, over 1000 deaths had been reported, along with tens of thousands of injuries, many quite serious. In the video, Campbell is clearly shaken, and most likely one of the reasons is that he had previously been an enthusiastic supporter of the jabs. He questions why the data were not made available as soon as it was gathered, rather than requiring a FOIA request through the court, and states that he might have changed his view of the vaccines in early 2021 instead of a year later.[5]

Many people know about the damning information included in the first Pfizer documents made public as ordered by the court; the issue here is the change of heart – a vaccine promoter deciding that the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous.

Truth Telling is Increasing in the U.S. Too!
Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), also seems to have caught the truth virus. Citing CDC research, Walensky reported that 77.8% of people who were vaccinated and died of COVID had an average of four co-morbidities. She says, “COVID is a lethal risk only for the sickest among us, and that’s true whether you’re vaccinated or not.”[6]

CDC staff has actually known about this since August 2020. Data posted on the CDC’s site at that time showed that only 6% of “COVID deaths” could be attributed to COVID alone.[7]

It is ironic that when people on our side of the issue tell the truth about these topics we are labeled as conspiracy theorists, and de-platformed. Government and health officials engage in character assassination and label anyone who presents data that counters the propaganda as quacks. Then later – often many months later – as the data becomes impossible to ignore, they report the same information as if it is “new” and from a “trusted source.”

The most recent example: On February 25 2022, 16 months after the criminals behind the COVID debacle destroyed the U.S. economy, increased the suicide and overdose rate, permanently closed over one million small businesses, and inflicted incredible psychological damage on our children, the Centers for Disease Control adopted the focused protection approach suggested almost eighteen months earlier in the Great Barrington Declaration.[8] During a press conference, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated that the CDC’s COVID recommendations were changing, and that “This updated approach focuses on directing our prevention efforts towards protecting people at high risk for severe illness.”[9]

It’s unfortunate that even with these disclosures the press seems remarkably uninterested in asking questions about these misrepresentations. It seems that they are complicit in the COVID crimes against humanity, and will also eventually have to be brought to justice too.

[3] Sarah Knapton. High COVID death rates skewed by people who died form other causes, admits Sajid Javid. The Telegraph January 19 2022
[4] IBID
[6] Joseph Mercola. The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths. Epoch Times March 1 2022

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