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Something is weird about the Stats Canada death data for 2022…

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I have been slowly getting back on the data band-wagon and went to the Statistics Canada website today to confirm a finding that Edward Dowd noted in a video I watched today. The data mirrored the high excess deaths in millennials (25-44 year olds) in the United States. The data he shows is for Alberta and British Columbia for 0-44 year olds. You can watch that here.

Well, look, you know, I’m an investor. I have a thesis. I’m definitively saying it’s the vaccine. The question, the fact that this question isn’t even being asked by the mainstream media, by the, you know, department, the CDC, the FDA, or the NIH in the US, and whatever the equivalents are in Canada, suggest to me that they are hiding something and I think they’re hiding the fact that fraud occurred at the clinical trial data level. This thing was rushed through, pushed. The regulatory bodies have been captured, and they thought it’d be okay. I think they knew it was a garbage vaccine, but I don’t think they really thought it would kill this many this quickly. And now they’re like Ruh-roh, and then you know, what do you do when you’re caught? When You’re caught, you triple down. Edward Dowd

Now in my quest to confirm, turns were had. I looked at weekly death rates for each province individually and found something really weird. I downloaded the data directly from the site and made a quick and dirty plot using the dreaded ‘excel’. Barf. If we were living in normal times (by any definition), what I found – if verifiable – would be headline news. At least I think it would be. People dying in extreme excess as compared with historical rates? Nothing to see here folks.

What the hell is going on in New Brunswick?

The injection rates for this province according to Stats Canada are not exceedingly high. According to Stats Canada. According to New Brunswick Canada, their injection rates were something to rave about back in June 2021. 77.2% got at least one injection. And remember, they are peddling 5 different products there: Moderna, Comirnaty, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Novavax. It is known that each product comes with its own ill-effects with regard to adverse events.

According to injection rates of long term care staff members in New Brunswick, there is a 96.9% compliance rate. For first injection.

It seems people aren’t running back for more however. This is according to the CDC. I mean, the CBC. Same thing, right?

Gee. I wonder if the reason for the stalling is the dying thing? Could it be?

I really need someone to help me out here. What the hell is up with 2022 death stats in New Brunswick? Is this some weird over-flow from 2021? Is it random bear attacks? Is it getting run over by cars when leaving injection sites? What? WHAT?

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