bad cattitude ~>US covid test positivity rates by vaccination status

yet another set of evidence that vaccines are not working to stop covid spread and that boosters wind up making you more likely to contract covid in the long run

el gato malo23 min ago6615

it has been notably difficult to get covid data by vaxx status in the US. the epix records are a mess and deeply undercount the vaccinated and the health agencies have been playing all manner of games. however, it appears that private industry may be coming to the rescue here (and once more shedding doubt on why we need the CDC to aggregate anything). walgreens, who perform large amounts of both testing and vaccination are now publishing data conveniently assessable through a power BI interface. it’s got quite a lot of useful information. huzzah.

spoiler alert: it does not make the case for vaccines preventing infection.

it’s clearly associated with much higher infection rates and boosters are faring worst of all.

we start here:

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