America’s Grand Jury, The People vs. Dr. Fauci

Peak Prosperity Posted: 11 Apr 2022 02:00 PM PDT

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I have been invited to be an “expert witness” on America’s Grand Jury which is airing live all week. The links to view the video are below.It’s sure to land me in a ton of hot water with certain crowds. Those would mainly be the “gatekeepers” who have zero interest in exploring data, the truth, or anything that might cast an unfavorable light on any of the people they consider to part of “their team.”This “grand jury” is not a legally binding event, nor will it be held in a real court room. Rather, it is ordinary citizens coming together to present a very real parade of experts and evidence, frustrated by the lack of any proper investigations being done by any supposedly “real” authorities. By definition, it will be a simulated grand jury investigation into Anthony Fauci and U.S. health agencies with real evidence of alleged crimes presented for real world judgement.If you liked “The Real Anthony Fauci” by RFK Jr, this will be right up your alley.I agreed to participate because I believe in the truth. I am unafraid of data and am willing to follow it wherever it leads.If it happens to expose inexcusable incompetence, then let it. If it exposes true criminal, immoral or unethical activities, then let it.This approach truly scares some people out there, and I expect them to attack this effort in their usual style.First, they will mock it, and deride it using their favorite corporate-funded talking points as if they were mighty shields of truth.“I didn’t know horse paste held conventions! Ha ha ha ha! I am soooo witty!”“These crazy antivaxxers are certainly morons, aren’t they? What’s this all about, doing their own research??”Things like that.My secret weapon against these sorts of jabs is that I have zero interest in ever being part of their club. So, trying to ridicule me as a means of threatening to exclude me from their tribe carries zero weight. What they don’t seem to know is I am deeply repulsed their anti-intellectual, anti-scientific, pro-war, pro-pharma, pro-collectivist framework.To me, these are the septic halitosis of movements. I cannot ever get used to it, and I only want to be further from it.Their second approach will be to wield their Big Tech censorship weapons against me and all of us trying to bring a little calm sanity to this volatile, critical period of history.This is more of a concern, but it’s only temporary. My read on the situation is that enough people are against their Woke ideology, and constant harassment of anybody not toeing the DNC party line, that it actually constitutes one of the largest business opportunities of our lifetime.I am working behind the scenes to help one especially promising new platform make it out into the world. (More on that later, as it deserves its own post.) The theory here is that Big Tech’s abuse of its clientele, which is 100% of its value proposition because the clients generate all of your valuable content and traffic for free, is a bad business decision. I’m, talking to you Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, er, “Meta.”Their third approach will possibly be more violent, as they will appeal to various authorities to arrest, condemn or IRS audit their “foes and enemies” who dare to do things like ask questions and use evidence. If you doubt that a “Democratic” government and its corporate partners would do this, just ask your friendly neighbors in Canada.The step after that is a divorce, a.k.a. civil war, and because I understand these four steps, I feel it is our duty to expose the rot and send the rats scurrying before they can activate their planned responses.America’s Grand JuryBack to the plot. Given that we’re more than two years into this so-called “pandemic” which has only managed to kill less than one-half of one percent – mainly the elderly and/or the already sick – but deeply harmed billions more by failed and flawed policies and responses, something has to be done.“The system” has proven itself incapable of self-policing and/or self-reflection.Beyond ordinary incompetence that ought to have career-ending consequences, the data we’ve assembled suggests something far darker.Namely, those in power could have purposely blocked necessary information that could have saved lives because the data might have cost them politically or undermined them personally and economically.It is the very essence of racketeering and that case will be laid out in exceptional detail.I’m not trying to sell anybody on anything, I simply want all the data to have a fair chance at being laid out, so that other people can make up their minds.I have so many questions that deserve answers.Did Fauci truly conspire with others to cover-up the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 arose from a lab?Were life-saving off-patent early treatments suppressed by the NIH? If so, by whose authority?Were the vaccines put through proper trials and if not, why wasn’t the proper data subsequently collected?Were any vaccine safety signals withheld or suppressed by Pfizer and the Federal government’s FDA? If so, when and what was withheld? And, who knew what, when?Did the CDC fail to collect proper information and share it in a timely manner? If so, what was it and who was in charge of it?Who authorized and then failed to withdraw the use of Remdesivir once it became painfully clear that it harmed, not helped, critical patients?Why are excess deaths in the 0-44 age range so many standard deviations above baseline? What is causing this, who is looking into it officially and what have they found?Have laws been broken by every single person promoting the vaccines without ever mentioning a single risk?I have a hundred other questions.But my main one is, “Why aren’t these questions being pursued by the DOJ, FBI, or any other governing body with proper oversight?”We deserve answers. Full stop.America’s Grand Jury is all about posing the questions in a mock courtroom and then bringing forth legitimate experts who can help to frame the questions and evidence in an organized manner to answer this one simple question, “Is there enough evidence here to indict these specific people on RICO charges?”I’m intensely curious to find out how ordinary U.S. citizens respond to these various strings of evidence.I also am hopeful that some enterprising Attorney General that cares about their country and its future will then use the assembled framework to actually pursue real RICO charges.Why?Because I truly believe that without accountability nothing can ever get better. If a state AG can bring down the tobacco industry for poisoning so many people, why can’t the same happen here?In ClosingAgain, here’s where you can follow this April 11 – 15:7:30pm – 8:00pm – Pre-Hearing Coverage8:00pm – 10:00pm – Jury Proceedings10:00pm – 10:30pm – Post Hearing Coverage**

EDIT: The Rumble stream is not working.  Please use the Children’s Health Defense link to watch live. **If that gets censored/yanked (likely) then here’s the back up at Children’s Health Defense.

Here’s the website: America’s Grand JuryI will be Livestreaming as appropriate, and discretely to avoid being cancelled. Where I feel I have something important that cannot be shared out in public, I will be placing that behind the paywall here at Peak Prosperity.Unfortunately, that’s in large measure why we have a paywall – to be able to speak freely and debate points without Big Tech corporate censorship. As always, I will bring you the truth as best as I know it. I will get that wrong from time to time, but I will never lie to you, which differentiates all of us independent investigators and journalists from the MainStreamMedia.Your Faithful Information ScoutDr. Chris MartensonDaily Grand Jury ScheduleMonday
7:30pm ET – Pre-Show with Jen Massey, Republican strategist and former congressional staffer8:00pm ET – America’s Grand Jury Live Stream beginsProsecutors (Nightly):Curtis Hill, former Indiana Attorney GeneralParisa Fishback, president and general counsel for The Unity ProjectExpert Witnesses:Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Dr. Chris MartensonDr. Paul MarikTuesday
7:30pm ET – Pre-Show with Jen Massey, republican strategist and former congressional staffer8:00pm ET – America’s Grand Jury Live Stream beginsExpert Witnesses:Dr. Aaron KheriatyDr. Paul MarikDr. Chris MartensonWednesday
7:30pm ET – Pre-Show with Jen Massey, republican strategist and former congressional staffer8:00pm ET – America’s Grand Jury Live Stream beginsExpert Witnesses:Dr. Pierre KoryThursday
7:30pm ET – Pre-Show with Jen Massey, republican strategist and former congressional staffer8:00pm ET – America’s Grand Jury Live Stream beginsExpert Witnesses:Dr. David GortlerDr. Peter McCulloughDr. Michael YeadonFriday
7:30pm ET – Pre-Show with Jen Massey, republican strategist and former congressional staffer8:00pm ET – America’s Grand Jury Live Stream beginsExpert Witnesses:Dr. Robert MaloneBrianne Dressen, vaccine injured founder of Real Not RareVaccine injured victims   

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