George Webb ~> Apotheosis At Azovstal: High Noon For NATO Bioweapons Billionaire’s In Ukraine

George WebbApr 84514

Right now, Russian Special Forces troops are about to descend on the last holdout bunker in Mariupol at a steel mill called Azovstal. Many NATO intelligence officers from the countries of France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and the UK are thought to be in the bunker with members of the Azov Battalion.

Potentially, a US Army three-star General named Roger Cloutier may be among the NATO officers trapped in the bunker. He is thought to have personally led the operations against the Russians in the Donbas since March 7th, 2022 when he was pictured with Ukrainian Army Command.

NATO General Cloutier, or an assistant, posted to his LinkedIn that he was in a conference in Izmir, Turkey, and not in the bunker in an attempt to debunk the reports. Unfortunately, some of the photos were from events last year, leading some to speculate that NATO is trying to paper over the truth of the situation.

One thing that is not in dispute is that French Special Forces were involved with two failed attempts at the extraction of the NATO VIPs. Knowledgeable sources indicate these missions would never be attempted for just mercenary soldiers like the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. Journalist Pepe Escobar and the news outlet TheDuran contend he is still there according to French government sources.

TheDuran journalist Christoforou also reported that French government sources were confirming high-level NATO personnel in the bunker. The French news outlet Voltaire also had a similar story.

Journalist Pepe Escobar also contends there is a Hunter Biden, Metabiota connection to the biological agents currently being stored in the bunker in a place called “The Pit” which is certainly a shocking charge. No photographic proof has been produced of “The Pit” to date. However, a great deal of documentary evidence connects Hunter Biden to Metabiota.

I have called Hunter Biden “Lee Harvey Biden” because I believe he is the fall guy for Metabiota’s past bioagent testing in Africa and the Middle East which he had nothing to do with. I had a source in May of 2017 relate this to me in so many words, and Hunter’s limited involvement with the Metabiota encrypted Blackberry communication devices was later proven by Tony Bobulinski at the Second Presidential Debate in 2020.

Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry in addition to the Russian Ministry of Defense both content numerous bioweapons programs were being conducted by Metabiota in Ukraine.

We will look into the Ukrainian Billionaire behind Metabiota’s bioagents program in Ukraine in the next Substack post including Igor Kolomoisky and Rinat Akmethov.

Journalist George Webb believes Igor Kolomoisky was in charge of a NATO program to test bioagents on the residents of the Donbas region of Ukraine since the 2014 overthrow of Victor Yanukovych.

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