The Truth Watercooler / Jessica Rose ~> For the dermatologists: it ain’t just about warts and allergic dermatitis no more…

There are currently (as of Jan 7, 2022) 156,769 people in VAERS with reports of skin problems post COVID-19 injection.

Jessica Rose3 hr ago922

I had a request from a dermatologist to do skin problems in VAERS so here you go. I had forgotten about this string! Skin problems are one of the most prolifically-reported adverse event types. ‘Rash’ for example, is reported in almost 1/4 of people who filed reports to VAERS. It is #1 across age groups as well. Herpes is up there as well. Although herpes isn’t necessarily a skin condition, but we all know, it does manifest as skin eruptions/blisters, so I am counting it.

Here we go with age stratified reports (not normalized) according to CDC age stratification and by decade. 128 reports for 0-5 year olds? Again, what?

And by decade… uni-modal… normal. 517 reports from 0-10 year olds.

This is what the data looks like normalized to the CDC age stratification. The denominator for the 0-5ers is small – that’s why the normalized number is relatively large.

And check out how many immediate reports were made. Probably “Injection site erythema”. Probably.

But you know what’s absolutely marvelous here? That bump on day 7. That sounds immunological to me. I will pass this onto Dr. Chetty to see what he thinks. The only other category I have seen this bump one week post injection is in the actual immunological AE group. The second largest cluster of reports of skin problems are being made 7 days post injection. Hmm.

I plotted the top 17 reported skin problems according to type for only the reports made on Day 7 to try to find out if they are ‘immunologically-related’.

Sure enough, from top to bottom, redness, hives, rash, rash, itching, ‘reaction’, rash, itching, pain, hardening, redness, herpes herpes bo berpes, itching, inflammation, burning, blister (Pemphigus Vulgaris?). All of these are associated with immune system mediators/inflammation and various cell types. What could be so irritating to the skin in so many people? Is it that the irritation arises due to bad injection techniques? I would think so. The last blood draw I got was done by an completely incompetent person – I could have done it better myself and I am not officially trained in phlebotomy1. Seriously. Maybe hire some actual vampires.

One more thing about Herpes zoster – which again, diagnostically is viral, yes, but it re-emerges due to immunological ‘off-guard-ness’ and manifests as weeping sores on the skin.

There are 9,992 reports of Herpes zoster. So far. Looks like this age-wise.

Normalized to dose 1 data looks like this. If you’re under 25, looks like you’re not reporting Herpes zoster outbreaks. Ideas?

I find all of this utterly fascinating but I must return to another project that is pending. Thank you again for getting to the end!1

WHO Guidelines on Drawing Blood: Best Practices in Phlebotomy. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2010. 2, Best practices in phlebotomy.

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