The Truth Barrier ~> Joe Rogan Hatred Becomes The New Insisted Upon Form Of Denunciation Among Covidians In Bad Moods After Project Veritas Ends Fauci’s Protected Species Status

The new variant has been named “Just Die,” by the Centers For Disinformation Control, Seems More Infectious Than Previous Hatreds

Celia Farber5 min ago2

Lani Rowe @reallaniangelaJust was told by a dear friend that a couple she was extremely close to won’t talk to her right now because she said she listens to @joerogan. Apparently we’re at a point where showing derision to Joe is on par with the moral imperative to oppose slavery. Bonkers.January 13th 2022654 Retweets6,497 Likes

It all began with Rogan being outrageous enough to a) recover from what he identified as “Covid,” and b) speak of what remedies he had taken. On his own show.

Ivermectin, Monoclonal anti-bodies, and so forth.

The reaction from the Covidians was so deranged it actually won the argument, for us. Hands down.

They called openly for Rogan to die, and when he didn’t, the new lust was for his show to be canceled in the name of public health.

Imagine being one of these people.

At the time, I had intentions to make a T Shirt:

Joe Rogan’s Body, My Choice

(Weak tea, by now. But I was proud of it.)

Were they, the Angry Ants, smart, they would have ignored the news of Rogan’s recovery. Instead, they invaded Russia. They are NOT SMART. Take heart! They went full-psychotic and began the Great Horse Paste War of 2021.

That ended with the whole world watching them not even be able to admit that Rogan never took “horse paste.” It was the greatest unmasking of lying pod media bullies in the history of lying pod media bullies. This video is actually great, and worth watching:

Now the Angry Ants are demanding “warning labels” be placed around Rogan’s podcast, by Spotify, stating that the information in the podcast is “actually incorrect,” and of course, dangerous.
Interviews can kill you now, Americans, unless Spotify intervenes.

Like Nato.

I hope you don’t feel insulted, fellow Americans. Their rage is caused by your insufficient fear levels, the sine qua non of this whole insane thing.

You owe your fear of dying, of a vague constellation of agreeably unsettling but not generally deadly symptoms, to a bunch of sterile, humorless, woke public health hacks on the take from the Central Covid Banks. You are wrong even when you are right as being “right” is no longer a branch to reach for.

It’s the new debt. The new drowning.

It drives the new monetary monster octopus and if you do not contribute to the new virus debt burden you can’t be a person. I mean you can’t be a robot.

I almost wrote “American,” but national identity is no longer spoken of.

There’s an additional flourish to the blue-check bores: They of course block anybody who invites them to debate the facts of all this. Debate is seen as dangerous.

(Unlike mRNA injections.)

To wit:Steve Kirsch’s newsletterJessica Malaty Rivera says on CNN that Malone is spreading misinformation, but she won’t debate any of usCheck this out. First watch this video clip of infectious disease expert Jessica Malaty Rivera on CNN claiming that Malone is spreading COVID misinformation: I then tweeted this in response to her tweet about the podcast…Read more2 hours ago · 24 likes · 3 comments · Steve Kirsch

Read it here, and, I would suggest, subscribe.

How nuts they are, continued:

Jessica Malaty Rivera, MS @jessicamalaty💯💯💯💯💯💯 Dr. Theresa Chapple @Theresa_ChappleAsymptomatic isolate for 5 days is the new vaccinated take your masks offDecember 28th 20216 Retweets100 Likes

Allow me one profanity: I hope Spotify write back to these drones using only three words:

“Kiss our asses.”

And if they use one more sentence it should be: “Do you really think we are going to tell our biggest podcaster to stop doing what made him our biggest podcaster?”

Or maybe they borrow Kary Mullis reply, which is my favorite of all time. When, during the AIDS causation wars, funded, weaponized, activists, pods, AIDS Inc types charged him with “killing people” with his “views,” Kary said:

“I’m not a lifeguard, I’m a scientist.”

Can anybody top that?
Bret Weinstein @BretWeinsteinThey rigged the game. Monopoly on mass communication, captured government, platforms that shape our thoughts, and relationships. They don’t care that we hate them, so long as we’re frightened, and dependent. But they missed some stuff. The human spirit, and @joerogan top the list January 14th 2022

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