Stecve Kirsch ~> Robert Malone’s doctor had her license to practice medicine suspended

Dr. Meryl Nass, is no longer able to practice medicine. Her license was suspended for spreading COVID misinformation. This is ridiculous.

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Maine Physician Suspended for COVID Misinformation | MedPage Today

Meryl Nass, who is a member of our team of scientists focused on spreading the truth about the COVID pandemic response, sent me an email 2 days ago:

Here is what the board said:

The Board concludes that the continued ability of Dr. Nass to practice as a physician in the State of Maine constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public who might receive her medical services, and that it is necessary to immediately suspend her ability to practice medicine in order to adequately respond to this risk.

That’s interesting. It’s in sharp contrast with what Dr. Robert Malone wrote me:

She works closely with Children’s Health Defense, and is the one that prescribed Ivermectin for my long COVID – which was effective.

Dr. Nass is guilty of prescribing FDA-approved drugs that have been shown in dozens of trials to be beneficial in treating COVID:

  1. Prescribing ivermectin (has multiple peer-reviewed meta-analysis and systematic reviews, the highest level of evidence-based medicine)
  2. Prescribing hydroxychloroquine (the Boulware trial which I funded found that HCQ was effective and a subsequent analysis by David Wiseman showed the effect was statistically significant).

Here’s the interesting thing: had she prescribed nothing for these patients, she wouldn’t have been cited.

She was accused of posting a message on Twitter linking to an article by Dr. Mercola.

She was also accused of making the following comments, all of which are true AFAIK. Do you see any errors?

  1. a) she “did not intend to comply with masking and vaccine orders”;b) that the federal government “won’t let us find out” how many people are immune from less severe or asymptomatic COVID cases and the federal government has “basically prohibited the use of normal tests of immunity, normal antibody, T-cell tests, etc., or some pattern of those”, and “instead we all have to be vaccinated” and that “doesn’t make scientific or medical sense”;c) “the more doses of vaccine, the more shots you get the greater the risk of adverse reactions”;d) “if you’re going to get myocarditis over 80% get it after the second dose, not after the first dose” and “people who got it after the first dose, many of them had already been infected with COVID”;e) “if we are doing this for people’s health it would be very important to identify how many people are immune and they don’t have to worry about masks … they don’t have to worry about distancing, they don’t have to worry about vaccination. They are immune. We know so far that those people have broad and very durable long-term immunity. As best we know … they’re very immune a year after they had the infection”;f) “so the FDA was forced to issue a license for the Pfizer vaccine for certain people and yet there is no comirnaty vaccine in the United States, so there are no vials of licensed Pfizer vaccines in the United States. The FDA did a bait and switch”;g) “why is the federal government so interested in getting everyone vaccinated? It seems that one probable reason is unless you get people vaccinated and you have to give them boosters every so often there is no logical justification for vaccine passports … which is probably going to be your electronic ID, and probably will mediate your financial transactions, will identify where you are any time, etc., you know will have broad uses for increased control and surveillance. There may be other reasons. I mean there may be things in these vaccines that the government wants to inject in us”;h) “but obviously vaccinating people who are already immune and have much better immunity than you would get from these vaccines that are extremely weak an short lived in what they give you, and dangerous with many potential serious side effects, and 14,000 deaths reported to the federal VAERS system in the 8 to 10 months we have been vaccinating people, not quite 10 months, the vaccines are a problem”;i) “we’re vaccinating for a virus that is gone. We have no benefit from the mRNA, we have only problems from it”;j) “the vaccines don’t work very well, so there are loads of people who are getting infected who’ve been vaccinated almost at the same rate as the vaccinated”;k) “the governments seem to think they own our children because they are vaccinating children age 12 and up without parental permission in many parts of the United States”;l) “children have the worst side effect profile, and they get the least benefit from the vaccines. So you are either vaccinating them to try and, you know, stop it spreading in children so adults don’t get it, because if children are getting acold, you don’t vaccinate kids against colds, we never have before, or you are vaccinating them for some other nefarious reason”;m) “the DNA from the adenovirus could potentially become a part of our DNA … the human beings we’re the guinea pigs for these vaccines”;n) “there are drugs like Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, mefloquine, and others that are quite effective against this virus, that will kill off the virus the first week you have it when virus is still growing”;o) Operation Warp Speed is the result of an agenda that “seems to be the same one that has been in play since 2001, you know, the 9/11. Which is increased surveillance, right, increased central control, and some blurring of national borders and national sovereignty, which we haven’t seen much of yet but the close collusion of many countries with the same program indicates that there is international collusion going on at high levels”;p) “the people who are not getting vaccinated are tending to be the most educated, the wealthiest”; andq) “if you did not know that the CDC was a criminal agency by now, this ought to get you going. Remember COVID vaccines are associated with high rates of miscarriages.”

Here are the news stories

The actions of the Maine State Medical Board are why physicians line up like sheep in following the orders of the CDC

My colleagues were stunned.

Do you see now why no physician is going to oppose whatever the mainstream thinking is? This is why so many people have died: physicians realize that they are not allowed to challenge the narrative.

When the public sees no physicians speaking out against the lunacy of the vaccines and masking, they believe it more and more.

That’s why we remain stuck in the mass formation. The most credible people to convey the message are the doctors and they have been silenced.

It may take a while, but this is not going to end well for the medical community, Congress, the HHS agencies, universities, businesses, and the mainstream media.

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