Jessica Rose ~> Mel Bruchet is out! Dr. Nagase is awesome. So is Sam Dube. Drinks on me when we all meet in a free Canadian country.

Sam Dube talks to Mel and Daniel and let’s us into the true story of a kidnapping and forced injection of antipsychotics.

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UPDATE: MEL IS OUT! I hope one day to sit down and have a great chat with this amazing doc. Well, all of them actually! True good peeps.

Watch this amazing interview with Sam Dube.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten an update from Daniel Nagase on Mel’s situation and the gist is this: they are trying to kill him. They are giving him hallucinogens know n to induce strokes and last reported, he couldn’t remember his daughter’s name and had slurred speech. You sons of bitches. This is WRONG. MEL. Know this. We are there with you and we will not let you die in vain at the hands of psychotic criminals. We will not. I promise you that my friend.

Dr. Mel Bruchet is a retired Canadian physician who has recently spoken out about the above background reported still births occurring at Lions Gate Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Daniel Nagase has also been speaking out on the subject of above background reporting of miscarriages in Canadian women who have volunteered their bodies to this experiment.

Dr. Bruchet and Dr. Nagase filing charges against Bonnie Henry (I don’t care if I spelled her name wrong) for conflicts of interest at the RCMP.

Canadian Whistleblowers Expose 13 Stillborn Deaths in 24 Hours at Lions Gate Hospital Caused by Covid-19 Vaccines

All of the deaths occurred in babies born to fully vaccinated mothers, although much of the public remains unaware that this happened. In response, Drs Mel Bruchet and Daniel Nagase, along with other concerned members of the public, converged to file a complaint in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) office in North Vancouver.

A few days later, it has been reported that Dr. Bruchet has been taken against his will and had a psych diagnosis assigned to him so that he can be ‘medicated’. Dr. Nagase has become a very prominent voice for the females suffering these losses and for the unborn children they will never get to raise. Will he be next? Will you still think this is ok? Just to weeks to flatten the curve has turned into black-baggery pretty fast, eh?

Dr. Bruchet has been speaking about the incomprehensible blocking of ivermectin by corrupt government officials as well. He is only abiding by his Oath to do no harm and is has been ‘taken away’ for it. This happened this week in CANADA. The video I posted here is footage of Dr. Bruchet and Dr. Nagase filing their police report against Bonnie Henry for malfeasance (my words) and severe conflicts of interest. This is absolutely the right way to go about this.

He is absolutely correct in his claims of corruption and thus absolutely dangerous to the narrative that supports this tyranny. You can listen to him speak in the video I posted above and assess for yourself if he is perfectly stable. He is, not only stable, but majestically righteous.

Listen, I don’t even know what to say here besides that there are people who are trying to get him out. Imagine it was you. This demonstration was on the 12th but I think it is still relevant.

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