How Dr. Brian Tyson “persuaded” CVS to fill his ivermectin prescriptions

Tyson retained an attorney, Matthew P. Tyson (no relation), to draft a letter that was hand-delivered to the pharmacy. He’s not had any trouble since then.

Steve KirschJan 5459187
The miracle of the Imperial Valley: Dr. Tyson's first-person account of  COVID-19 | News |

I talked to Brian Tyson today.

He says life is good in Twitter heaven.

Brian was permanently banned from Twitter on December 20; apparently, Twitter believes that doctors who save people from dying from COVID using early treatments are a danger to society. Here’s Pierre’s tweet about it:

I asked Brian if he was getting any love from the Medical Boards. He said they are trying to take away his license to practice medicine.

Then I asked him about whether he’s having any trouble having his prescriptions filled. He said recently he had some problems, but retained a lawyer (with the same last name) who drafted a nice letter to the pharmacy who then wisely decided to cooperate.

If you are having trouble getting your prescriptions for ivermectin filled, Brian’s letter to CVS may be useful to your doctor.

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