Celia Farber ~> Diana West: “It’s A Great Day For Defibrillators”

They’re Being Installed Everywhere, Because Heart Attacks Are Part Of The New Normal, Even In Children

Celia Farber25 min ago85

“Good morning, it’s a great day for defibrillators.

Not only are they popping up in Barcelona for your jogging convenience — after all, over 90 pc of Spaniards are said to be “fully vaccinated,” so you never know whom cardiac arrest will strike next — but CTV News reports that the city of Vancouver is placing 1,000 defibrillators all over the city because, after all, “a sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone.” As in Barcelona, in Vancouver, this is not an overstatement now that, as Vancouver Is Awesome reports, over 90 percent of even the 12 year olds are double-jabbed. 

Speaking of cardiac arrest or something like it, here’s a video at Orwell City titled “Electromagnetic pulse causes man’s death.” This may not seem to be vaxx-related, but it sure is if, as La Quinta Columna researchers believe they are finding, nano-technology inside the vaxxes is prepping humans for interfacing with 5G.

There’s even “good” defibrillator news now. Christian Ericksen, the first athlete in the world to be struck down on live television during a soccer match (now it’s a once or twice weekly occurrence) by cardiac arrest all but certainly linked to covid shots, is planning to return to play again, thanks to the installment of a defibrillator inside his body.

Meanwhile, it’s Friday so it’s Adverse Events update time, brought to you by the very slow and shifty number-crunchers at the CDC’s VAERS website.

As of December 21, 2021, VAERS has logged in 21,383 deaths linked to the covid shots. These now include 71 children under the age of 18.”

—Diana West

Read the whole article here. Diana West’s writings are not-to be missed. Many of you know her previous legendary books but you may not know how outstanding her Covid dispatches are. Not all conservative thinkers understand “Communism By Virus/Public Health” but Diana West understood it instantly. We’re very lucky to have her brilliant voice speaking to us at this time— continuing to document the unfathomable.

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