Steve Kirsch ~> How bad is my batch?

Are some batches really bad? How big is a batch? Could it just be some bad vials in a batch? Could it just be reporting bias?

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Did you get a jab from a “bad batch?”

There are two ways to find out:

Option 1: Created by Craig Paardekooper

How Bad is My Batch

Option 2: Created by Albert Benavides

“How To” video:


Are these sites accurate?

I haven’t written about this because some people who I rely on for advice believe that there are too many unknowns to make a determination as to whether increased adverse event reports are due to a bad “batch” or a bad “vial” or something else.

The unknowns include:

  1. Is it a bad “batch” or some bad vials?
  2. were certain sites just reporting more reliably so any vials sent there would appear more dangerous?
  3. how many vials are in a particular lot?
  4. where did all the vials of a given lot go?
  5. could there have a been a problem in transit?
  6. could there have been a problem with storage?
  7. if a vial is not kept at the proper temperature, could it become dangerous?
  8. what exactly are in these vials and why can’t we analyze them?

The inability for anyone to analyze these vials as well as the lack of transparency about each batch makes finding the answer to these questions very difficult.

I wonder if this is deliberate? Nah, couldn’t be!

For more information

See How bad is my COVID-19 batch?

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