A Pharmacist Speaks, Remembering Fauci’s AZT Putsch In The 1980s “I Had To Dispense This Poison And Watch These Young Men Die”

He Tried To Warn Them, But Fauci’s “Good Daddy” Spell Was Too Powerful. Was This Mass Ritual Sacrifice?

Celia Farber1 hr ago195

Hi Celia! Your piece on Peter Duesberg brought back the frustration, pain and anger I experienced as a Registered Pharmacist and a member of the gay community in the 80’s when I first heard the “news releases” from Gallo and Fauci and Ho claiming that testing positive for HIV Antibodies guaranteed a persons “death from AIDS,” when of course all previous knowledge in the immunology field said that having the antibodies conveyed immunity!

I would scream at the TV as they twisted science around their little fingers to drive the gay community and then the World crazy with fear and loathing! When AZT came into the store where I worked in West Los Angeles with a “Skull and Crossbones” on the package insert warning the pharmacists not to open the bottles nor touch the capsules for fear of acute poisoning, my heart sank. I had to dispense this poison prescribed by the AIDS Quacks and watch these young men die. Usually it took 2 to 3 months as it destroyed their bone marrow and vital organs! This became “The AIDS Epidemic” or “AIDS by Prescription” as Neville Hodgkinson wrote. Many of these young men were friends who I tried to warn against AZT but most thought I was crazy and I would watch them die with them believing they had AIDS instead of being poisoned to death! I would go to gay bars and try to tell anyone I would meet about what was going on but end up in an argument with them being abusive and became an outcast. I thought I was the only one who believed like I did until I ran into one or two gay men who also saw thru it and heard about Christine Maggiore in LA and managed to contact her and she asked me to speak to her group about AZT which I did on several occasions and thats when I heard about Peter and it was like finding a long lost friend though I never met him face to face and by that time the Gallo/Fauci Freight Train was busy running back and forth on him and all of us! When I saw Trump hand Fauci the microphone I knew we were in BIG TROUBLE.. I actually called Peter in his lab once jusf to hear his voice and offer encouragement and he was very kind and deferential and reminded me of some of my professors at Purdue University when I was there in the Sixties. I later joined the Committee for the Reappraisal of HIV/AIDS and any other similar group. It was about that Time I think I read your article in Rolling Stone too! Anthony Fauci is a Satanic individual, responsible for death and destruction wherever he goes and a nemesis to all that is good! Thank you Dear for your perseverance and honesty and I pray for retribution for all those lives of friends we knew and loved and lost to his evil ways!

—Dennis Kinnane

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