Steve Kirsch: A rare opportunity to reset your immune system if you’ve already been jabbed

I found out after I got double-jabbed that the vaccines were bad news. Omicron presents a rare opportunity to “reset” your immune system. Is catching it a good idea?

Steve Kirsch17 hr ago283265

If you’ve been reading my substack, you know that every time you get jabbed, you damage your immune system even more. Basically, the COVID vaccines are bad news and you should avoid them at all costs. Getting “boosted” will work for 30 days, but then leave you with an immune system that is even worse off.

You also know that any immunity you got from the vaccines is pretty narrow, pretty much limited to a narrow range of variants.

You have a rare opportunity to change and get broader and more lasting immunity by using a “natural vaccine” named Omicron. It’s free to get; no prescription required.

Jessica Rose writes about how Omicron is a rare opportunity to reset your immune system:

This is a positive message from G. Vanden Bossche (can you imagine?!) to all those who were jabbed but now want their innate immune system to revert to ‘virgin’ status. Now is the time to do it!

Basically, now is the time to act normal and try to get sick.

I’m sure this will start a lot of interesting discussion in the comments.

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