Peckford42: Sweden vindicated

UT NOTE: After almost two full years of virus mania, it is clear that all of the variations of public health policy and degrees of medical tyranny have shown that doing virtually nothing has been as effective as doing too much. But that was before the rush to vaccines and the prevention of early treatments kicked in. Now, we are beginning to see that the vaccines are far more dangerous than the disputable CV-19 infections and the erroneious hyperinflated death claims before mass vaccinations. Truly, all of the CV-19 data / statistics are questionable. So, what is to be learned?

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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