Tessa Lena: Quick Update: Nick Perry Promises to Strike A416 (a New York Bill Allowing Detention of Those Dangerous to Public Health)

Some good news.

Tessa Lena6 min ago4

Nick Perry, NYS Assembly 58th District, is the assemblyman who originally introduced A416. A416 is a bill that allows detention of individuals declared dangerous to public health. (Based on what? Who knows.)

Last night, Nick Perry tweeted that because of horrible conspiracy theorists spreading horrible misinformation about this (wonderful?) bill, he is going to strike it so that the horrible conspiracy theorists shut up.

Note: It’s an old bill. It was introduced in 2015. I am not going to speculate whether it was created due to stupid fervor, or whether it was strategically introduced because the planning of “biosecurity state,” gradually transforming into perpetual “climate emergency” is a project that has been around for at least a couple of decades (I am talking about the biosecurity state specifically, not other aspects of the reform), or whether it’s a psychological trick to freak us out so that softer measures of domination feel like a gift from God… who knows. In any case, he said that he would strike it, and we’ll see…

N Nick Perry @NNickPerryDecember 20th 2021

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