Predictably Random Observations: Episode 32

~~> The Forces at Play … Entering the Home Stretch

I am imagining a mechanical horse race at the Seaside arcade. There is a horse named Pandemic. Another named Economic Collapse. Casino Capitalism and Food Shortage are in the race, too, as is a horse called NEE (Not Enough Energy) and another named Monopoly. World War 3, Climate Change, Civilization’s End and What If are also in the running. Totalitarianism has a slight lead.

And they are off!

Actually this race began decades ago. The horses are neck and neck just now entering the home stretch.

It is not quite too late to place your bet.

~~> Healing With Frequency and Resonance

As the paradigms clash and crash, we will be forced to rapidly adapt. Ultimately survival may come down to an ability to adjust one’s unique vibration in an instant. More likely, these adaptations will be instigated and enforced by Nature herself as part of the evolutionary flow most recently amplified / triggered by the advent of “leaky vaccines” that resist infection without eliminating the infectious agent.

As the old saying goes, “You Can’t Fool Mother Nature.”


Bloated with the success of the 2-wwek-long pandemic that the public so easily fell for and that is now approaching the 2-year mark, there is no doubt that a version of the seasonal flu has been re-branded as Covid-19, and a global marketing campaign supporting a move by the global billionaire elite to take total control of its slaves and servants.

And you thought the Patriot Act was about controlling terrorism. HA!

We are witnessing, first hand, the most adept and sinister psychological operation, ever, in order to channel us into global feudalism ever.

Already, in preparation for the eventual onset of “covid fatigue”, when fear of covid is no longer sufficient to sustain the mandatory injection strategy, the next assault on our health is on the horizon.

Under Fauci’s leadership, the totalitarian scheme has been in the works since HIV was blamed for AIDS, a deceptive lie that inaugurated the Global Public Health Gestapo.

~~> The Vaccine Experiment Using Corrupted Injury Data

How Officials Keep Cooking the Books on COVID Casualties

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • October 05, 2021
overreported COVID-19 deaths


  • COVID-19 deaths may have been overreported, in some cases by as much as 500%, according to a Full Measure investigation
  • In Colorado, homicide-suicide deaths were counted as COVID-19 casualties because they were listed in a database of people who had tested positive for COVID-19 within 28 days of their death
  • Someone who died “with” COVID-19 may be counted as a death among COVID-19 cases, even if the virus had nothing to do with their death
  • In Alameda County, California, when they removed deaths that weren’t directly caused by COVID-19 from their official count, the number of “COVID” deaths dropped by 25%
  • May 1, 2021, the CDC stopped monitoring most COVID-19 infections among vaccinated people
  • The end result is that there’s no way to know how many people have been infected, including among the vaccinated, and how the virus is spreading; it’s possible the CDC stopped tracking most COVID-19 cases among the vaccinated in order to obscure just how commonly the vaccines are failing

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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