I have long had this uneasy feeling that, given all the inconsistencies in the “data” and, more importantly, the severe censorship of all contrarian aka heretical scientific perspectives, that the Lab Leak Hypothesis (or not) is another convenient distraction from the real story aka the truth.

I’ve long, long been a skeptic of the germ theory of disease, resonating much more strongly with the holistic approach that is terrain theory.

I am also a firm believer that even our most insane and destructive human tendencies / behaviors are merely higher-order beastliness in Jungle 2.0 or 3.0. We prey, we slaughter, regardless of social status. In fact, much like a baboon troop, the alphas among us are the meanest, nastiest, self-serving beasts among us.

Everything within our conscious and subconscious worlds is Nature Unfolding.

Some call It God, but then you have to split reality in half to empower the cosmic scapegoat: Satan, so that God-the-Good has something to fear which activates humanity’s reptilian fight-or-flight response and THE BLAME GAME.

Nature includes and embraces ALL that. Everything is perfect and it is only our “superior” ego-driven, either / or, all or none, us / them, binary perspective that can conjure up the concept of imperfection.

What in the jungle is not perfect?

Okay, so for the moment tuck your guffaw into your anthropocentric gunnysack. Bear with me.

So, given the history of the human alphas among us – I mean, the Alphas of the alphas aka the aristocratic bluebloods that have been a thorn in the side of humanity since day-one – I have been looking for something about this global discombobulation (except most of Africa and the US homeless?) that we might be ignoring while the pundits and media wonks dangle the source of the CV-19 “virus” to hold our attentions.

The illusion of magic works like that, as you know.

Insert the books Virus Mania and The Contagion Myth. Insert Drs Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Sam Bailey, and others who are humanity’s most current advocates of germ theory and alternative explanations for virus-disease theory. In short, these scientists, researchers and physicians have collectively argued that contagious viruses do not exist and it is only by way of changing the rules of scientific discovery as they apply to “viruses” that virology clings to its wishful-thinking deception.

The classic example of the tendency of virologists to apply their wishful thinking science to disease is the case of scurvy which was thought to be infectious before somebody ate something with vitamin-C.


Nothing has changed except the lengths to which “virologists” (even virologists have to eat and pay the mortgage and pay for their kids’ schooling…) will go to invent exceptions to the rational, tried and true procedures to prove the existence of anything related to disease.

Pretty much what the global pandemic leaders like Big Pharma Fauci et al have been doing since day one when the Chinese Communist Party propagandized China and the world with a story about a virus that was killing people fast yadda yadda yadda.

Now, add to this little essay about my CV-19 ahah, one Jon Rappoport, a nefarious heretic who has the audacity to question politicized science. It is very important to note, that despite the tendency of pro-virus, germ theory, either-or-ists like Fauci, to gaslight all opposition as anti-science, nothing could be further from the truth.

NOTE: If you have not delved into the dark side of the censorship firewall, then all of this may  seem preposterous and merely another unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. HA!

In Rappoport’s latest (9-22-21) blog, he takes us back to the early days of the “pandemic” where a more sinister and less solvable threat to our collective health was negatively impacting the people of Wuhan and other areas of China.

Uber-toxic-chemical pollution. Declared to be the worst on the planet.

The symptoms presented by the millions of people most sensitive to such extreme air pollution are precisely the same symptoms attributed to the invisible SARS-CoV-2 “virus”, never found anywhere except in a computer being asked to find something to blame, even if it has to be genetically engineered.

Okay, so how might toxic air in one part of the world, explain the spread of those symptoms pretty much everywhere around the world?

Computer-generated, genetically engineered invisible “virus” that can only be detected using PCR technology designed for lab-use only, a test procedure that is calibrated to “find” the same genetic sequence allegedly engineered in the Wuhan and other labs.

Except the CDC has recently admitted that the PCR process cannot distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and the most common diseases with the CV-19 symptoms ~~> the common flu(s), pneumonia and other common respiratory diseases.

BOOM! Is the sound of the virologists and virology’s house of cards collapsing like Building-7 on 9/11.

This crazy line of thinking pretty much leads us to the PCR tests themselves. If the symptoms are common without SARS-CoV-2 / CV-19, then there would be the usual surge in hospitalizations and deaths that occur every flu season.

But this disease has also surged at times during the summer when respiratory diseases hibernate. How could the disease spread into areas without severely polluted air at times not associated with respiratory diseases?

Hypothesis #1 ~~> Enter the tests used to “find” the genetically-engineered whatever-it-is. Are the PCR tests somehow introducing the “toxin” and spreading the disease? Has anyone examined the PCR test swabs that are being discontinued now that we have a new way of spreading the disease…, ahem, I mean now that we have vaccines? The answer is “yes” and so far none of the explanations have gained sufficient traction to generate broad support.  Traces of graphine oxide have allegedly been found on the abrasive test swabs. Fear drives people to get tested whether they have symptoms or not, they get the swab up their noses, and the same substance that “causes” CV-19 is deployed deep in the person’s nasal passages. That the test determines negative or positive is irrelevant, merely adding to the confusion that can further complicate the distraction.

Hypothesis #2 ~~> 5G, 5G, 5G. This line of thinking begins in Wuhan which reportedly fired up its new 5G system right about the time that the CCP announced the pandemic. Pretty good science-based evidence is showing that non-ionizing radiation like 1G-5G interferes with intra and intercellular communication in humans. Everybody knows what happens when communication breaks down between people. Imagine what happens when it breaks down between blood cells and capillary walls, between liver and gallbladder cells, between egg and sperm, between neurons, etc. The side-effects of exposure by sensitive people to the different frequencies of non-ionizing radiation include leukemia, autism, and other mental dysfunctions, etc. And so far as I am aware, no good science to rebut this hypothesis.

Hypothesis #3 ~~> With tens of thousands of chemicals in the air that we breathe and millions of people with varying sensitivities to the toxins that are at highest concentrations in urban and industrial settings  and lowest concentrations in rural areas, it is no surprise that the incidence of CV-19 was less before the mass vaccine rollout.

Hypothesis #4 ~~> The “vaccines” are not only spreading the disease, they are intensifying it by introducing billions of toxic spike proteins allegedly injecting genetic information that overrides the natural cellular immune response in order to attach the toxic “spikes” in order to stimulate the compromised cells to attack the spikes thereby increasing the probability of autoimmune response (body attacks itself) and “cytokine storms” during which the immune system is overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the rapidly cascading assault on whatever area of the body, whatever organ is being attacked. And who knows what else.

Hypothesis #5 ~~> ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Rappoport’s analysis ~~>

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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