Predictably Random Observations: Episode 28


When a new vaccine is rushed to market, safety and efficacy are short-changed. The recipients of the vaccines become the guinea pigs.

Barely any short-term safety data and absolutely no long-term safety data.

Now, all eyes are on the approaching “flu season” when vaccine immunity, already proving to be short term, and short and long term effects, already more than all previous vaccines combined, will be tested by the latest mutations of the “wild viruses”

Why so much anxious anticipation???

Because earlier attempts to successfully develop mRNA vaccines were successful in the labs until challenged by a wild virus. 100% success became 100% failure.

Now, with so many people injected with solutions neither openly identified / disclosed or sufficiently tested, solutions that have inserted trillions of toxic “spike” proteins, and which force human cells to produce more spike proteins, thereby permanently(???) amping immune systems to attack any and all cells that show the spike protein which has already been shown to invade all areas of the body, including the brain.

~~> Trust, trust, and less trust

What is the primary giveaway that we are not being told the truth about CV-19 and all that it is providing camouflage for?


Censorship of all voices questioning and/or providing evidence that the messaging coming from government / public health has been compromised by money-hungry vaccine industry.

True science and truth do not need to be protected from dissenting evidence or opinion. Only lies and deception need to be protected with censorship.

History shows that censorship — whether during witch hunts, inquisitions or totalitarian takeovers — have negative consequences, all of which are worse than CV-19.

~~> Virology and Tunnel-vision that Kills

Why in the world is a virologist leading the public health “effort” to protect the public from disease?

Notice how the virologist-in-chief only has eyes for vaccines? Nothing about the real diseases that NIH and the FDA and the CDC have failed to impact ~~> poisonous food, poisonous water, poisonous air, obesity, metabolic disease, heart disease, etc etc etc.

The data is unequivocal about the real pandemic and it is not “caused” by a virus any more than HIV “caused” AIDS (which it has been proven it did not). CV-19 has exposed the American lifestyle and its poorly managed healthcare / sickcare system as the real disease.

Now it is exposing in full spectrum light the absolute failure of our governments to do due diligence to protect the citizens from educated stupidity and evil within the government ranks.

And a vaccine cannot cure that.

~~> The Data Analysis Sleight of Hand and Vaccines are Safe and Effective???

While the federal government and most state governments use taxpayer money to promote vaccine industry products as safe and effective, they attack the government’s official vaccine injury date collection system as “not proof of causality” as if that is what the system is supposed to do.

The reality is that VAERS provides a way for data analysts, presumably in the CDC and elsewhere, to find “signals” that either everything is okay with the vaccine(s) or everything is NOT okay with the vaccine(s).

There is no debate that VAERS is a faulty system. Too many people who should be reporting possible vaccine injuries to VAERS do not even know that the system exists. Others fear reprisal from higher-ups; insinuations that if one reports a possible vaccine effect, they will be labeled antivaxx. Others do not report to VAERS because the process takes too much time to complete. Etc etc.

A Harvard study in 2011 concluded that the VAERS captured around 1% of the post-vaccine health effects.

However, rather than describe the VAERS data as a search for patterns that suggest problems with the CV-19 vaccines, they deflect and detract by asserting that the reported deaths, for instance, do not prove “cause”, something the VAERS is not designed to do.

Now, compare those claims of non-cause with the claims that SARS-CoV-2 kills pretty much anything and everything if the deceased has gotten a “positive” from a mostly erroneous PCR test reading at any time in the 28 days before death. Instantly, “cause” by covid is claimed even though the preponderance of global data shows that almost all covid deaths share several common characteristics like obesity, 2-6 comorbidities, low vitamin-D and other nutrients, proximity to 5G, severity of air pollution etc etc.


~~> Why are the People Who Volunteered for the Initial Vaccine Trials Being Ignored and Abandoned?

People injured during the early trials were removed from the studies and their injuries not included in the test data.

No wonder the results looked so favorable!!!

Now they have been abandoned to pay the exorbitant expenses for their permanent disabilities and the vaccine manufacturers are taking no responsibility.

So far,, best I can tell, Sen Ron Johnson is the only elected official who is speaking up in their behalf. And he is being bullied by media and colleagues for daring to promote “vaccine hesitancy”.

~~> What Happened to the US Constitution???

Following 9/11, Congress was duped into unraveling the document that founded the USA and the inalienable rights / liberties of citizens that could not be taken away by the federal government.

Now, the Democratic Party that controls three of the four checks and balances of the federal government — Executive, House of Reps, Senate, and SCOTUS — is feverishly dismantling the US Constitution under the guise of “public health” and a narrative that our natural immune systems are no match for the genetically-engineered gene sequence referred to as a virus that cannot be isolated so as to prove cause of any “disease”.

The scientific process that SHOULD provide rationale for a declaration of emergency, has been abandoned. Instead we are required to trust a virologist whose conflicts of interest with BigPharma, vaccine developers, and gain-of-function biological warfare development of SARS-CoV-2 in the Wuhan Lab, not to mention his total failure to successfully “defeat” any “viruses” since he began his NIAID tenure during the public health AIDS fiasco back in the 80s…..???

BigPharma felons (for fraud among other offenses) and regulators embedded with the felons, all protected from any liability for damages due to their vaccines, are being trusted to tell the truth?

Remember! Bill Gates said that a dollar invested in a vaccine, returns twenty dollars in profit.

That is a 2000% profit! Wink, wink.

And the power of that kind of profit is funding the total disregard for the rights protected by the US Constitution in favor of increasing the power of the corporate-captured and controlled federal government to control all aspects of our lives.

Next step in the complete takeover and neutering of the US Constitution?

Compulsory vaccines / mandates leading to digital passports that integrate vaccine history, health and social behaviors, debit / credit cards, and mass surveillance that will be used to control each and every person under the guise that it is better for everyone.

About michael burgwin

A child of the peace and antiWar movements, a Truther with self-diagnosed Opposition Defiance Disorder, formerly politically liberal tho now politically marooned, and Post-Doomer, on any issue, I trend to the conspiracy side, sort through the absurd, fantastical and insane, until I find firm ground usually located just the other side of the censorship firewall of propaganda and orthodoxy, dogma, and other either / or thinking.
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